If you’re stuck for things to suggest to your partner when planning your next getaway, or even if you just fancy a trip away on your own to see some sights and take in a little culture, there are few suggestions more packed with options than hiring a car and seeing New York. There are, however, a couple of things to bear in mind if you are coming from far-away lands…

First of all, especially if you are coming from the UK, beware that jaywalking is a crime in the USA. What’s jaywalking? This is where you cross the road on foot illegally, meaning you have stepped out into the road ‘mid-block’ and not when instructed to do so by a traffic light. In the UK, no such law exists, but in America, you could get a ticket.

Secondly, the United States is a litigious land. You may need to know where to find a lawyer if you run into difficulties with regards to road traffic accidents (or see here if you need a drunk driving lawyer based in Long Island, for example). And, lastly, remember that in America, people drive on the right. The switch can be hard to get used to.

Some places to visit on your fly-by tour of the Big Apple:

  • Broadway – you may not have time to park up and take in a musical, but simply driving around the district and seeing some of the most famous theatres on planet earth all lined up is an experience that will stay with you (need help finding Broadway? Start at the world famous Flatiron building, you can’t miss it!)
  • Washington Square Park – you may not think you know this landmark, but you do. Known for its standout arch way (similar to the Arc de Triomphe found in Paris) and impressive fountains, this most famous of New York attractions is the perfect addition to any swing-by car tour of the most famous city on earth.
  • The Empire State Building – The Empire State Building is a great way to see Manhattan, which, for those who don’t know, is an island in central New York, packed with lots of famous architecture. While the Empire State is perhaps the most well-known, heading for this famous building will also afford you the opportunity to take in the sights of neighbouring buildings such as the Chrysler Building, the One World Trade Centre, and the Rockefeller Plaza.



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