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Discover Netherlands’ Hidden Gems: Unusual Places to Visit

Photo by Chait Goli

The Netherlands, one of the world’s most urbanized nations is a well-known travel destination for many around the world because many of its vacation locations are readily available to travelers via public transportation or even a bicycle.

Tourist brochures paint a vivid picture of the Netherlands in the minds of travelers, with antique works of art, both common and uncommon “activities in Amsterdam”, centuries-old windmills, polders, wooden houses, an endless ocean of vibrant flower fields, and intimate candle-lit cafes amidst modernist architecture.

However, the reality is that this small nation has far more to offer than the popular tourist destinations.

Exploring the Unique and Unusual in the Netherlands

1. Fairytale at Keukenhof

Can you imagine Snow White breaking into a song in the middle of the meadows? Keukenhof is the place for several beautiful flower fields that travelers and flower enthusiasts visit every spring to enjoy stunning Dutch flower arrangements.

2. Visit the Veluwe

The Veluwe has some of the most magnificent views. This is a conserved park in the Netherlands that spans various provinces. There are several grand hotels, good restaurants, and activities in and surrounding the neighborhood – the ideal location for solitude and quiet!

3. Van Gogh in the dark

Cycling routes are particularly significant in The Netherlands because riding is the most fundamental mode of transportation. When the night gets dark, bicycle lanes in Eindhoven light up with shapes from Van Gogh’s The Starry Night. Talk about amazing!

4. A city without automobiles

A city without automobiles? Is that even conceivable? In the Dutch town of Giethoorn, the only modes of transit are walking, cycling, and canoeing. So, you can ride over to your neighbors for tea or use your canoe to get groceries.

5. A day at the beach

Scheveningen Beach is located in The Hague. This lovely beach with a complicated name is one of the most popular in Holland in summer and winter. There is a large pier that allows you to enjoy varied cuisine and tasty drinks. There is a tower that is open for visitors, but it is quite dangerous to bungee jump from it’s highest point.

6. Groningen, a mystery in the north

Groningen’s polders (pools) are in the extreme northeast of The Netherlands. On some damp mornings, the eerie fog provides a stunning picture, complemented by classic Dutch windmills. Do you know that many of the mills are still operating, or repurposed as small stores where you can buy organic commodities such as cheese or bread?

7. Cities that have royal status

Explore a grand vista in a small space. Delft is home to many historical treasures of Holland, such as the chapel where the royals are buried. Magnificent historical architecture coexists with hypermodern suburbs where the Delft Technical University is located.