Home Adventure Discover the beauty of Arctic and Antarctic areas with Le Commandant Charcot

Discover the beauty of Arctic and Antarctic areas with Le Commandant Charcot

Many of us have dreamed to explore the two poles, along the routes of the great explorers who first managed to reach them, at the turn of 20th Century. During the last three decades, a sort of “extreme tourism business” gave many people the opportunity to fulfill that dream, or something like that. Today, exploring the Artic Sea and the Antarctic Continent is absolutely possible, and it’s possible to do it in complete safety: the problem is that you must forget the romantic, fascinating and yet extremely dangerous exploratory missions of a hundred and more years ago.

In fact, what’s really missing in contemporary tours with the two poles as destinations, is that taste for adventure and the excitement provoked by the unexpected. Everything is scheduled, programmed, designed and framed, and therefore deprived of that special hint of thrill that used to make those exploration something to talk about in hundreds of books (and lately films and TV series), over and over again. The only way to relive the same emotions of the Poles exploration’s pioneering era (still in complete safety, it goes without saying) is to book a ticket on a trip with Le Commandant Charcot.

What are we talking about? Of the only ship that organizes trips to both Arctic Sea and Antarctica like they were an actual journey to the end of the world. What does it mean? That while on board you’ll have the chance to enjoy all the amenities and the comforts of a luxury boat, at the same time you’ll be put in the best conditions to explore the wilderness of these regions, touching areas located pretty far from the ordinary touristic routes. And when the simple desire to enjoy a “traditional” boat trip resurfaces, you can exploit all the services, the amenities and the benefits of a top-notch cruise, including a refined menu for both lunch and dinner, prepared by the most renowned chef.

The goal of Le Commandant Charcot is to provide their hosts with the most immersive and fascinating plunge into what is probably the last piece of land (in the case of Antarctica) or sea (when it comes with the Arctic Sea) that have remained completely untouched by the man. This is why the ship adopts an approach to the idea itself of cruise which is probably the most evolved from the point of view of the environmental impact.

Therefore, on the Antarctic Continent, the visitor could get in touch with the sea life that hovers along its shores or over them (including the iconic emperor penguins’ colonies), or admire the volcanic islands and the gigantic icebergs floating around. While on the Arctic Sea, the ship will skirt the Greenland, with its fjords, and there will be also a visit to the polar bear’s natural habitat and the last Inuit communities. Every activity is led by experienced guides and a staff that includes marine biologists and geologists, who will give the passengers all the information and the insights the need and/or request, both on board and during the explorations.

To sum up, Le Commandant Charcot provides a unique experience, different from any other boat cruise, in which the idea itself of travelling aims to reconnect itself to its primeval meaning. Which is, in a few words: broaden the humanity’s horizons and touching lands that have never been seen before.