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Discover the tropical charm of Dominican Republic

The Caribbean basin has some of the best scenery that anyone can love, wherever they are from. This area of the world is characterized by its warm tropical climate all year round, its cheerful people, typical music that makes the body move even those who do not know how to dance, like son, merengue and bachata, and what captivates people the most: its beautiful beaches. 

Dominican Republic is considered the paradise of the Caribbean. It is the most visited country in the region by tourists because of its beaches, its golf courses and its highly developed cities that attract many tourists from abroad and make it a country to enjoy. 

This post will hopefully serve as a small guide to know which places in the Dominican Republic you should visit in case you are planning a trip there: a country that mixes the best beaches of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean with cities, fortresses, colonial areas, mountains and jungles, and being the place where Christopher Columbus settled after arriving in 1492 to the lands that later would be called the American continent .

Let’s get to know this amazing country!

The best places to visit in Dominican Republic

Natural destinations: beaches, mountains and national parks

Let’s start by talking about the Dominican Republic’s tourist destination par excellence: Punta Cana

This city is located on the eastern end of the country and is known for its 50 kilometers of soft sand, crystal clear waters and luxury hotels, being one of the most famous beach destinations in the world. Punta Cana is made up of several beaches, with Bavaro as the best known and most popular. Other famous beaches are Juanillo, Uvero Alto and Macao

If you like hiking and outdoor activities, Parque de los Haitises is an excellent place to visit. In this National Park you will find mountains, mangroves and caves, which will give that adventurous touch to your trip. Some activities you can do are the famous kayaking in Caño Hondo, hiking through the caves, boat rides, or just enjoy the beautiful scenery of the area.

In its capital city, Santo Domingo, there are also natural attractions. One example is Los Tres Ojos. These are three lakes that were formerly one, but after the partial collapse of the curve where they are located was divided into several lakes. The first lake is called “Lago de Aguas Azufradas“, then there is the lake “La Nevera” (The Refrigerator), so called because of the low temperatures of its waters; and the “Lago de las Damas“, the smallest one in the park.

If you plan to visit Punta Cana and Santo Domingo during your trip to this beautiful country, in both cities you can find good accommodations in Barceló hotels. In Punta Cana the “El Occidental” and the “Barceló Bávaro Beach” hotels are perfect options, while in Santo Domingo you can stay at the “El Embajador” or the “Bávaro Santo Domingo“. For more information, we invite you to click on the following link: https://www.barcelo.com/en-us/ofertas/black-friday/.  

Other options to visit in this Caribbean country in terms of natural beauties are Saona Island, where is located the largest natural pool in the world; as well as Catalina Island, Jaragua National Park, the dunes of Bani or Jarabacoa, a picturesque village with bohemian style houses where you can camp and admire the Pico Duarte, the highest peak in the Caribbean, whose height is 10,127 feet (3,087 meters). 

Temples, monuments and colonial sites

From the arrival of the Spaniards in 1492, the Dominican Republic was a colony until the first half of the 17th century, when the independence movement in Central and South America began. Part of this historical legacy still survives in many of its old cities.

Several colonial buildings such as El Alcázar de Colón, the Catedral Primada de América, the oldest in America and consecrated to Pope Julius II in 1504; Casa del Cordón, which is the first stone house in America; and Fortaleza Ozama are located in Santo Domingo. 

If you go to the north coast, in San Felipe de Puerto Plata you will find a landscape that mixes the cultural with the historical patrimony. In the center of the city you will appreciate the Victorian-style architecture built by the English population during the 19th century, as well as the statue of Christ the Redeemer on Isabel de Torres Mountain, which you can access via a cable car.

Other monuments not to be missed are the Columbus Lighthouse in Santo Domingo, the museum city of Altos de Chavón, and the most luxurious area in the DR, Cap Cana, where you will find golf courses, mansions and the largest marina in the Caribbean. 

A common gastronomy shared by the region 

Dominican cuisine is very similar to that of its neighboring islands due to the influence of the Taino Indians who inhabited the area. 

If you visit this country, you cannot miss a typical Dominican breakfast of mangú (mashed green plantain) with eggs; the “bandera“, which is a dish of fried meat (chicken or beef) accompanied by rice with beans and salad; or a delicious sancocho

The Dominican Republic is the perfect choice for your vacation or holidays and the best place for visit in the Caribbean. We hope you enjoyed this really interesting post and start to plan your next trip destination there. See you soon!