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Introducing Tsara Komba Time + Tide, a luxurious forest hideaway on the northwest coast of Madagascar

Time + Tide unearths its latest destination, adding a remarkable new lodge, Tsara Komba, to its collection of African properties, coming this July 2024. Joining Miavana by Time + Tide as the brand’s second property in Madagascar, Tsara Komba sits off the northwest coast of Madagascar against the dramatic backdrop of a former volcanic island, just a short boat ride from mainland Nosy Be, where nature, adventure and relaxation meet.

Featuring eight eco-consciously designed suites, each located around the main lodge, the architecture of Tsara Komba has been cleverly designed to blend with the surrounding ocean and jungle, giving a profound connection to the outdoors. Hidden in their own private hilltop space amidst manicured indigenous gardens, each suite features its unique style. It uses locally sourced materials such as rosewood and Ravinala leaves matched with waxed concrete and warm and sober shades to create a minimalistic yet authentic space. Meanwhile, the furniture and decorative items have been obtained from antique dealers or handmade by local craftsmen, combining the area’s ethnic character and modernity.

A forest-to-reef safari experience, guests will be immersed in Malagasy life with activities exploring the nearby islands’ beauty. Activities range from scuba diving and snorkeling to thriving coral ecosystems to swimming with whale sharks and watching Humpback whales right from their private terrace. There are also kayaking, sunset boat cruises, and fishing excursions ranging from relaxed inshore trips to more adventurous deep-sea outings, all led by guides trained to the same exceptionally high standards as at Time + Tide’s sister properties.   

On land, guests can explore lush tropical forests on guided nature walks, looking out for species such as Macaco lemurs and bright chameleons whilst passing through vanilla and wild pepper plantations. Set within a biodiversity hotspot, Tsara Komba also ensures that every aspect of the guest experience contributes to conserving the island’s natural and cultural heritage. Through initiatives such as sourcing fish from local communities and cultivating produce from its own botanical Eden Garden, Time + Tide supports the local economy while providing guests with authentic experiences, offering a lens into local daily life and a direct connection with the communities.

Geographically and culturally, Madagascar remains one of the most remote, untouched, and interesting places: 80% of its wildlife cannot be found anywhere else. It is a captivating and intriguing island where unknown species continue to be discovered to this day; there is nowhere else like it on Earth. For the ultimate bush-to-beach itinerary, guests can twin Tsara Komba with one of Time + Tide’s eight remote safari camps in Zambia or, more locally, combine with Miavana by Time + Tide. This exclusive private island sits off the northeast coast of Madagascar, just a short helicopter from Nosy Be. Tsara Komba Time + Tide offers an unmatched combination of adventure, authentic experiences, wilderness, and service. It is a 360-degree paradise for those seeking wildlife, cultural connection, and tranquillity.