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Türkiye’s Blooming Paradise of Nature and History: Discover Isparta this harvest season

The sweet floral scents of Isparta’s rose gardens and lavender fields have drawn visitors from across the world. The rose center of Türkiye, Isparta, produces up to 65 percent of the world’s rose oil and nearly all of Türkiye’s lavender. Jams, water, perfume, and creams are all produced by the region’s bounty and offer a glimpse into the many wonders of the area.

Shining Star of the Lakes Region

The charms of Isparta extend beyond the city to the Mediterranean Basin’s Lake Region. During your trip to Isparta, you can visit Eğirdir, the largest lake in the region, and Kovada, the site of a national park. At Lake Eğirdir, cycling paths, boat tours and fresh fish can all be enjoyed while being surrounded by the district’s famous apple orchards. Can Island, which sits on top of Lake Eğirdir, is a picturesque spot for camping and picnicking. Lake Kovada, meanwhile, provides a scenic setting for nature photographers, hikers, and campers to experience the unique flora and fauna found throughout the national park.

Trekking Adventures amid History and Nature

Those seeking adventurous travel through time can look no further than the Lakes Region’s several ancient cities and hiking trails. The Saint Paul and Pisidia trails traverse archaeological sites in Isparta, with Saint Paul’s Trail, one of the longest hiking routes in Türkiye, reaching from Perge in Antalya to Yazılı Canyon in Isparta’s Çandır village. The canyon’s temples and rock inscriptions will offer a glimpse into the past for any history lover, while the Saint Paul Trail also passes through the ancient city of Adada and the Eğirdir and Yalvaç districts, ending at the ancient city of Pisidia Antiocheia.

Embark on a journey through historic sites in Adada, such as the Temple of Trajan and the Emperors and the Temple of Zeus Megistos-Serapis. Continue to Pisidia Antiocheia, home to architectural marvels like the Temple of Augustus, Roman Baths, and Monumental Fountain. Also, explore the Yalvaç Museum and sample local dishes in Yalvaç.

Our journey concludes in Pisidia, renowned for its hiking trails and ancient cities of Adada and Antiocheia. Highlights include the Sagalassos Ancient City in Burdur, housing the 1,800-year old Antonine Fountain, and the well-preserved Termessos in Turkey. Don’t miss the Köprülü Canyon in Antalya and Selge, both located within the National Park.