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Edelweiss Village + Resort Ready to Welcome Guests

Under the visionary leadership of Montayne’s team, Edelweiss Village + Resort prepares for its grand opening by launching a new website to welcome guests. Since purchasing the property in July 2023, Montayne has quickly invested in critical actions to protect and preserve the unique historical Swiss Village cabins. Bookings are now open to the public and the village will start welcoming guests as early as August 2024 to the quaint town of Golden, BC.

After its establishment in 1911, the Edelweiss Village has now been restored to blend historical charm with modern amenities, encapsulating the legacy of the Swiss guides who significantly shaped Western Canadian alpinism and tourism. This landmark serves as a beacon of cultural heritage, integrated with contemporary luxury, offering guests a unique encounter with history. In April 2024, The Swiss Edelweiss Village Foundation was honoured with the “Outstanding Award” from Heritage British Columbia in the category of “Planning & Management” for their combined efforts in preserving the historic Edelweiss Village.

Davin MacIntosh, Partner of Edelweiss Village + Resort, remarked, “These guides, who pioneered mountaineering and safe climbing practices in the Rockies, helped transform the Canadian Rockies into a key destination for climbers and outdoor enthusiasts, laying the foundation for Tourism in Western Canada. Their enduring spirit inspires our commitment to preserve and celebrate this rich mountain culture.” Davin says, “We look forward to welcoming our first visitors to this historical village. The cabins have been restored, the land is ready and everyone is excited. Please visit our website to be one of the first visitors this summer.” 

Today, Edelweiss Village + Resort enters its first phase, offering accommodation in these meticulously restored Swiss cabins. This phase is just the beginning, with plans to expand the resort’s offerings to include new Cabins and Eco Pods designed to reflect and celebrate Swiss Heritage, the “Swiss Guide Great Hall” meeting space, and eventually a Swiss spa and thermal pools. These future developments will enhance the guest experience while preserving the natural beauty and historical essence of the site. 

Edelweiss Village + Resort will also begin adding curated Alpine experiences that will reflect the authentic historical purpose of the Village. The location and experiences will inspire and challenge guests who come to detach from work and technology and reconnect with nature and history.

Edelweiss Village + Resort is dedicated to both sustainability and the preservation of cultural heritage, serving as a living museum that celebrates its historical roots while leading in ecological and sustainable practices.