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Embracing the shift in seasons in New Zealand

The change of season in New Zealand is the time to slowly and mindfully explore the most vibrant of landscapes, rich seasonal dishes and restfully experience Māori culture. The fall in Aotearoa embraces a more conscious approach to travel, as it protects the environment from being overwhelmed and better supports local communities.

As the seasons shift, the produce in New Zealand comes to life and foraging offers a truly unique experience to reconnect with the land. Foraging is a practice rooted in respect for the natural environment and is an opportunity to sustainably immerse oneself in their surroundings.

New Zealand has ample opportunities to source local and seasonal produce, one being within the Marlborough region. Visitors can discover the bountiful produce with sea and land foraging, shucking clams and gathering herbs to create the most unique culinary experience.

Follow suit with New Zealand’s surroundings and slow down to the pace of the changing seasons. Below is a list of incredible gastronomy experiences to be had across New Zealand’s Marlborough region this fall.

Wanaka, South Island

Black Estate Winery, Christchurch

Clam Shucking, Chatham Islands