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As Epic Storms build Tahoe snowpack, South Shore’s RnR Vacation Rentals. Recommend extended-stay vacation homes

Image by Stacey Kennedy

Recent storms dumped between 3 to 4 feet of new snow across the Lake Tahoe landscape — creating a highly anticipated ski season.

According to the state Department of Water Resources, the Sierra snowpack is about 223 percent of average for this time of year. Local resorts, including Heavenly and Kirkwood, have already opened nearly 100 percent of lifts and trails.

RnR Vacation Rentals reminds all avid skiers and snowboarders about the benefits of 30-90 day rentals. Extended stays of 30 days or more in South Lake Tahoe allows visitors to create a ski lease. Guests can reserve a home in South Lake Tahoe for 30 to 90 days, providing an ideal situation for families looking to spend an extended  period in this mountain paradise.

RnR’s portfolio features many large properties, where guests may take advantage of the amenities and technology of a well-equipped home away from home.

RnR’s winter-long ski leases place clients in areas that provide easy access to South Tahoe ski resorts. February generally boasts the deepest snowpack, so it’s a great month to visit South Lake Tahoe, not to mention the romantic possibilities of Valentine’s Day, long holiday weekends and school breaks.

RnR ski leases continue through April, which means a guest’s family and friends can claim the property for the entire winter. Guests can avoid packing and loading equipment and clothes and leave their belongings in their private winter home. Coming and going as they please without worrying about check-in or check-out times, clients can extend a ski weekend as long as they like.

An RnR ski lease offers the following benefits:

  • Share the cost with friends: Swap time in the property by creating a schedule that fits everyone’s needs. Budget-minded families can vacation together or separately by sharing the calendar with friends.
  • Stay longer and save money: RnR offers ski leases that can save up to 50 percent off short-term rental rates. RnR homeowners prefer to avoid the headache of short-term rentals by fully booking the winter season with one family, so extended stays are easily arranged.
  • Make it your office: Working remotely has never been so popular, or convenient, as it is today. Guests can grab a laptop and become digital nomads, joining the ranks of people who move their office wherever they go. Because every RnR property has high-speed internet access, guests might consider creating their own convenient schedules by taking advantage of working remotely whenever they like, perhaps skiing during the day and working at night or weekends.