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Escape Rooms Near You: An Event in the Making

Whether you are an established fan or only just learning about it there’s no denying that escape rooms are a fascinating prospect. Being able to live real-life adventures like the ones we see in movies in our flesh? That’s amazing. Being able to do so while being completely safe? Well, that’s honestly very reassuring, being a real spy can be a bit too much for some of us.

But the absolute best part about escape rooms is the sheer variety there is to choose from. No matter where your interests lie there’s always one for you. Are you a classic literature fan? Then reliving one of Sherlock Holmes’s greatest cases is definitely in your interest. Are you a huge sci-fi buff? Then you’ll have a blast while escaping Area 51. There’s no shortage of amazing options out there.

Of course, chances are we are taking things a bit too fast in our excitement, so if you are someone who has never experienced an escape room then we’ll be covering the basics as well. We simply want everybody to enjoy this unique experience and to have fun in an escape room near me in the future. So if you are interested at all but never were sure where to start, keep on reading to learn all there is to know about escape rooms.

What are escape rooms?

Before we start listing the best escape rooms near me it’s probably a good idea to cover the bases on what an escape room even is. After all, even if we have nothing but excitement about them, not everybody necessarily knows what they are already.

A good way to look at escape rooms is to think of them as interactive movies, or an in-person videogame. The general principle is that a group of players (that means you) goes to an escape room establishment and books an experience in a given time slot. The staff will then guide you to a thematic room or series of rooms with a series of activities and puzzles to complete. Doing so will complete the experience, but of course, as you are ultimately solving this in real time there’s a chance that you might fail.

The term “escape room” can be a little too limiting. The truth is that not all of these rooms are focused on making you escape a room. A lot of them do have the ultimate goal of opening a door, but some are more akin to scavenger hunts, skill challenges, and so on. The overall experience varies a lot from room to room, but the core focus is the narrative experience and the interactive nature of it all.

Where do I get started?

If you are interested in experiencing your adventure and would like to know all about unique escape the room near me experiences then Los Angeles and Maze Rooms are one of your best bets.

With 7 distinct locations in Los Angeles and more than 20 distinct room experiences, they have something for anybody. Plus all the locations do make it easier to find one that is in your area, which is always a plus.

Of course, with escape rooms, the themes are half of the fun so we should take a look at some of the experiences they are currently offering to their guests. For a classic flavor, the Secret Mission escape room offers players a unique opportunity to be the best secret agents possible and live out their spi fantasy. Additionally, it also has a very unique twist that shows the ingenuity of the team at Maze Rooms: You are not escaping, you are breaking in, and not being found is an important aspect of the experience.

Fans of narrative experiences will love Sherlock Holmes & Beautiful Mind, a Maze Rooms original that allows players to take an active part in one of Sherlock’s mysteries and will force them to use their wits to solve a timeless mystery, However, one of the best aspects of their selection is that there are also lots of outlandish and uniques alternative experiences too. From a Cyberpunk mystery, from a Pharaoh Tomb, and even Area 51 itself.

No matter what kind of adventure you’d prefer, we have no doubt you’ll be able to find an interesting experience at Maze Rooms, and since they have so many locations in Los Angeles arranging a play session with them is honestly very easy. This means it’s more fun for less hassle, and that’s a killer deal in our books.