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Everything You Need To Know About Women’s Climbing Harnesses

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No matter what kind of climbing sport you do, there is some kind of gear required to indulge in the activity. Out of all the equipment you might need, a climbing harness is an essential gear that you must have. A climbing harness allows one to attach cables or ropes to themselves securely. It is used in most types of climbing except in free solo.

There are many options available for women regarding sporting goods and equipment in today’s world. So, how do you find a brand that sells the best women’s climbing harness?

Women’s harnesses are relatively new in the sport of climbing, so many people do not know the difference between women’s harnesses and men’s harnesses. Let’s dive into the article below to understand the difference.

Difference Between Women’s And Men’s Harnesses.

The main differentiator between the two is the overall fitting of the harness. Women’s harnesses have an elongated distance between the waist belt and leg loop, and the gap is more than men’s to account for a wider pelvic region for women. In addition, the waist belt would be much narrower for a women’s harness. Even the waist belt is narrower than men’s harness.

How To Choose The Best Harness

  • Take measurements

Before proceeding with trying on harnesses, you must save yourself some ties and measure your thighs and waist beforehand. While measuring them, ensure that you measure the thigh from the thickest part. Depending upon the measurements, filter out the harness that fits your size.

  • Try the harness

Loosen all the buckles of the harness and wear it like you would wear pants. Ideally, the thin waistline of a women’s harness would aptly fit your waist and the area above the hip bone. You must not wear a harness like your jeans, as it must be worn like high-waisted pants. You must tighten the buckle and leave ample space to make it easier for you to breathe.

  • Check the fitting

You must pay close attention to the fit of the harness at the waist belt at the leg loops, and you must also check the position of leg loops. If the fitting is an issue, you can try interchanging the types of harness to find the best fitting harness for your size. Men can also wear women’s harnesses as long as they fit well and vice-versa.

The harness must not be either too loose or too tight. There must be at least a gap of two fingers around the waistline for you to be comfortable in it.

  • Sit while wearing the harness.

If the sporting goods store does not have a trial wall, you must try on the harness while sitting or squatting. Carefully notice the leg loops as they must not be too tight or loose.   

Following these steps will help you choose the best women’s climbing harness.

Things To Consider While Buying A Harness

  • Comfort

You must also pay attention to the comfort a harness provides. If it is not comfortable, you will have difficulty performing maneuvers in it.

  • Performance

The performance of a harness can be determined by its weight, packability, and easy on-off.

  • The purpose

The type of harness you would buy depends on your purpose of wearing one. Different types of rock climbing require different types of harnesses.

  • Gear loops

Gear loops are essential to carry quickdraws, belay devices, taglines, and other equipment.

So, this was everything you needed to know about women’s climbing harnesses. Consider the points before making a purchase.