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Revealed: The exact spot you should stand for the best Insta shots of your favourite tourist destinations

Using a professional photographer, Google Pins and coordinates, loveholidays has revealed the exact spot you should stand to get the perfect photo of 15 of Europe’s most popular landmarks including Buckingham Palace and Big Ben in the United Kingdom

Over the past few years, holidaymakers in the UK have had to deal with lockdowns and plenty of travel restrictions – so it comes as no surprise that people are keen to jump back on a plane to get some well-deserved holiday time.

With travel corridors open, many holidaymakers are now looking to embark on ‘revenge travel’ – a term coined by the media to explain the large amounts of people travelling as a way of making up for lost time during the pandemic. A recent study by loveholidays and OnePoll revealed 38% of UK holidaymakers say they are more determined than ever to go on a bucket list holiday this summer (2).

However, with the summer holidays still a few months away, demand for travel has already started to increase, with Google searches for ‘city breaks’ increasing by +172% over the past twelve months1 in the United Kingdom.

And we all know that a holiday is just not a holiday unless you document it on Instagram – and online travel agent loveholidays wants to make sure you get the perfect shot. loveholidays has collaborated with a professional photographer to reveal the exact spots you should stand in order to get the perfect Instagram shot of 15 of Europe’s and the UK’s most popular landmarks.

For those looking into exploring the beauty of London, this guide will provide you with the exact location, the ideal time of day, and the best settings on your phone to take a beautiful picture of Buckingham Palace as well as Big Ben. On top of that, a pin dropped on Google Maps for each location as well as the what3words location will help you find the ideal photo spot with ease.

LandmarkCoordinatesLink to Google PinDirection for photowhat3words location
Buckingham Palace, London, United Kingdom51.501588, -0.141137https://goo.gl/maps/SeSjaoJ4g9HdUnsZASituated in the heart of London, the closest tube station to Buckingham Palace is St. James’s Park – it’s around a ten-minute walk northwest from there.///hurry.cape.puts
Big Ben, London, United Kingdom51.500858, -0.124289https://goo.gl/maps/UgC2MS7ffoE1Bz9N7On the other side of the River Thames, left from Westminster bridge, face west and walk down the steps.    ///those.hits.bits
Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain, United Kingdom51.178257, -1.826312  https://goo.gl/maps/zR5xFtE2EfXRXGtS7From the byway on the western side of the stones, looking east.///natural.beard.drove

For people looking into exploring landmarks outside the United Kingdom, the list below highlights the top landmarks across Europe, including their exact position, Google Pin and what3words for your ultimate holiday shot.

The best spots to stand in order to take the perfect Instagram shot by location can be seen below:

LandmarkCoordinatesLink to Google PinDirection for photowhat3words location
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany52.516389, 13.379361https://goo.gl/maps/VvGywMzdTrmdbUEx7Head towards the eastern entrance to Pariser Platz.///director.prosper.eagles
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France48.856278, 2.297639  https://goo.gl/maps/CRTyYjvLvd3Caeg16  Head towards Rue de l’Université to the east of the tower///valve.gateway.seasons
Colosseum, Rome, Italy41.890012, 12.491367https://goo.gl/maps/bHEfV9TxDGp2A7TWAStanding to the West of the building facing in a South Easterly direction///leave.mondays.like  
La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain41.404038, 2.175075https://goo.gl/maps/GTDMfVc8783RsgUS8Standing close to the water’s edge///talker.price.feels
Acropolis of Athens, Athen, Greece37.971869, 23.727326https://goo.gl/maps/5MENxouUX2ZHtbQo8Lycabettus Hill has a dedicated viewing point///pointer.keeps.mercy

No matter which European country you are travelling to this year or whether you prefer to stay within the United Kingdom, this list is created to allow you to create unforgettable memories, by simply using your phone whilst on your travels.

Al Murray, Chief Marketing Officer at loveholidays comments on the research:

“We know our customers love to visit famous landmarks when they travel with us. After the last few years, people have long bucket lists filled with places they’ve discovered on Instagram – and now they want to get out there and see them! These tips are designed to make it easy to capture the perfect shot while visiting each landmark, helping you to make treasured travel memories.”

To learn more about loveholidays, please visit www.loveholidays.com.


1: Google Trends data taken on 17/02/23

2: Research carried out between loveholidays and OnePoll Jan 2023