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Exciting Trips for Technology Lovers in Melbourne

Photo by Alexis

Australia is an ancient land filled with countless natural wonders, but this place is also home to remarkable technological creativity and an abundance of innovations, putting the country right up there with some of the most advanced nations in the world.

For anyone who is interested in the latest gadgets and gizmos, plus exploring the latest marvels and innovations in modern technology, then Melbourne is certainly one of the most intriguing visitor destinations. The state capital of Victoria prides itself on being up-to-the-minute when it comes to everything that’s new and exciting, captivating travellers who crave something a little more futuristic when journeying around Australia.

Truth be told, there are so many technologically themed excursions within the Melbourne area, listing them all in great detail is quite difficult, but here we’ve shortlisted three that are certainly worth your time and attention. What’s more, they can be visited both physically and virtually, and that’s quite convenient, whatever travel plans you have in mind.

Computing Marvels

Have you ever wondered what the first electronic computers looked like? Well, suffice it to say they were huge, much bigger than the desktop PCs we have at home or the laptops we carry around today. In fact, the ScienceWorks museum in Melbourne is home to the world’s oldest intact first-generation electronic computer, and this page has more information.

We say intact because many were dismantled when they eventually became obsolete. But at the Think Ahead exhibition at the museum is home to CSIRAC, which is an acronym for Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Automatic Computer. This was designed in 1947, running its first program in 1949, and CSIRAC was also the first computer to play music.

Indeed, the Think Ahead exhibition explores the past and present of computing, from the incredible CSIRAC to the much smaller computers and mobile devices we used today. This came about when integrated circuits inspired the trend for miniaturisation, but the museum also showcases technologies of the future, including quantum computing given that Australia is at the forefront of this research.

Gaming Culture

Did you know that Australia is a nation of gamers? Based on these surveys and studies undertaken in 2023 by the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association, data shows that 81% of all Australians play video games. Intriguingly, that percentage is exactly the same for people who enjoy gaming related to gambling, which is known as “iGaming” in the industry.

As one might imagine, Melbourne is full of amazing locations for visitors to get their gaming kicks. Among the favourite venues listed by TripAdvisor in 2023, Virtual Reality (VR) gaming is one of the most popular for visitors and residents of the city. Incredibly five of the top ten venues offer immersive VR gaming, including Zero Latency at Steel Street, and the Virtual Room at Peel Street, are among the most popular destinations.

When it comes to games of chance, there’s no bigger destination in the Southern Hemisphere than Crown Casino in the Southbank district, boasting 220,000 square feet of gaming space. While they do have lots of pokies and table games, many Aussies prefer casino gaming from home or via mobile devices, and we can find lots of information about those right here, including expert reviews and guides.

Natural Wonders

Okay, so we know what you might be thinking. What has nature got to do with technology, right? Well, quite a lot these days, actually. Modern technologies play a crucial role in the conservation and preservation of important natural resources and locations, including the marine environment off the coast of Melbourne such as in Port Phillip Bay.

While The Great Barrier Reef is the most famous maritime location in Australia, this is a huge country surrounded by oceans and seas, which also means there are many other underwater locations to explore. And if you don’t fancy getting wet or diving the depths yourself, there’s an online Reef Cam experience instead, utilising the latest underwater camera technologies that brings the undersea flora and fauna directly to our screens.

The precise location of the Reef Cam is at Pope’s Eye, which is right in the middle of Port Phillip Bay, and was Australia’s first network of live-streaming webcams combining views above and below the water. Likewise, watching the fascinating array of aquatic life swimming past the camera, it’s almost like the colourful fish have their very own reality TV show. Of course, alongside the entertaining viewing, these cameras are also important for scientific study.