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The Dolli At Acropolis Offers A Unique WayTo Experience Ancient And Modern Athens – And Beyond

The magic of Athens is seeing ancient wonders in a new light. Nowhere is that more evident than at The Dolli, the city’s new icon, a one-of-a-kind hôtel-maison just steps from the Acropolis. A 1925 building designed by Andreas Kriezis—the architect behind the Parliament building in Athens’ Syntagma Square—The Dolli’s 46 rooms, suites, and apartments opened last year, and the hotel has already won a Reader’s Choice Award from Condé Nast Traveler and its unmatched infinity pool was voted as the no.1 in the World from the same title.

It’s easy to see why visitors have fallen in love so quickly; The Dolli’s rooftop restaurant is a gastronomic heaven with a new Greek menu, where guests savor secret local flavors and generation-old recipes, matching with the mesmerizing unobstructed views of the Parthenon, the Ancient and Roman Agoras, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Tower of the Winds, the Temple of Hephaestus, and Philopappos Hill, among other ancient wonders. The Dolli’s infinity pool makes it seem as if you could swim to the Acropolis. Although, of course, you’re welcome to simply lounge on the even-better-this-season pool deck itself: the magical spot just received a seasonal refresh and a new menu with cocktails and little surprises.

The Dolli invites its guests to an ever-evolving aesthetic discourse where modern art shares the space with 18th-century antiques and ancient Greek ceramics. Indoors, guests view and feel original pieces from Jean Cocteau, whimsical works by François-Xavier and Claude Lalanne and Alexander Calder, 18th-century antiques, custom-made furniture, and objects from the finest contemporary designers such as Pierre Augustin Rose and Seung Jin Yang, as well as a collection of ancient Greek ceramics on display. The Dolli resembles a blossoming artistic universe where creativity flourishes, welcoming constantly new pieces into its wonderland.

Even the recently opened gymnasium is adorned with rare design pieces along with the cutting-edge equipment. And the intimate, speakeasy style Le Bar Secret—a hidden library-bar just made for stolen moments—is a work of art unto itself.

This deliberate blending of old and new is no accident: “The Dolli took seven years to create,” says owner Mari Daskalantonaki. “My prospect was to reimagine Athens’ allure and create a home base for travelers who not only want to see the most ancient city of all, but to live it. To walk in its heart, explore the monuments, feel the energy, enjoy the vibrancy, philosophize, and elevate their souls.”

Visitors are encouraged to stroll the colorful cobblestone streets of the surrounding Plaka neighborhood, and, as of this year, can take advantage of special offers with other properties run by Grecotel, The Dolli’s parent brand. One option is a combined “City and Seaside” stay at The Dolli and the just-brilliantly-renovated Cape Sounio, the Grecotel Resort-Retreat on the Athenian Riviera, in stunning view of the Temple of Poseidon.

The other, in advance of the 2024 Olympics in Paris, is a combined stay at The Dolli and Mandola Rosa in the Peloponnese, a short drive from Ancient Olympia.

Both packages offer unforgettable experiences in rarefied Greek destinations from the coveted Grecotel collection—if you can manage to tear yourself away from The Dolli and the beating heart of Athens.

Experiences are bookable through the concierge or website