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Top 10 Instagrammable Places in Boston

Boston is a living example of a historical city. This charming city has many of America’s firsts, from the first public beach and subway to the first school and public garden. The magnificent architecture here also leaves everyone stunned. So, if you want to spice up your Instagram, you will not run out of Instagrammable places in Boston.

Keep your camera ready at all times when you are in Boston. You never know when you will find a spectacular site that will make you snap your camera. This lively city will give you liven up your feed. Stand in front of those spectacular landmarks and pose at those unique bakeries you will not find anywhere else. So, it is time to explore this stunning city’s picturesque sites, so get your flights to Boston from UK now.

10 Most Instagrammable Places in Boston

  1. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

This museum is a haven for all art lovers. But if you are a girl boss or admire girl bosses, this is the place you would not want to miss out on. Isabella Stewart Gardner was the ultimate girl boss of her time. She used to travel around the world solo and collect art. 

After she passed away, the location was turned into a museum. The primary purpose was to showcase and share Isabella Gardner’s exceptional art collection. It is among the most Instagrammable places in the city, and the proof lies in its mention in many travel publications. 

  1. Acorn Street

Locals claim that this cobblestone street is the most photographed city in Boston. This street also has the most charming historic brick houses with box windows. While strolling around this street, you will feel like you entered a time when life was much more straightforward. 

You will also see lush green plants hanging everywhere on this street, which makes it much more picture-perfect. The street also serves as the perfect background for some stunning portraits. 

  1. Boston Public Library 

If you are a nerd who always takes advantage of a chance to explore libraries, here is your cue to explore Boston Public Library. It is full of stunning places to photograph. You can photograph hundred-year-old manuscripts or a magnificent ancient art exhibit. 

The 19th-century architecture of this building is a masterpiece in itself and picture-perfect in many ways. Once you are at this library, don’t forget to photograph its iconic reading room. 

  1. Boston Public Garden 

A refreshing day in the garden and posing amidst the greenery can never be a wrong decision. And the Boston Public Garden is undoubtedly one of its kind. 

It is the perfect place to capture photos that will brighten up your Instagram feed. So, stroll around this garden and capture its natural beauty with your camera. 

  1. Louisburg Square 

Louisburg Square is a stunning public square with refreshing greenery and lovely flowers. However, its most prominent features are the Greek revival style homes and historical buildings. While at this square, you will feel like you have entered an era before the 1920s in Boston. 

There are countless photo opportunities at this square. You can capture the square on its own and pose in front of the stunning buildings and greenery. 

  1. Commonwealth Avenue Mall

Commonwealth Avenue Mall is an expansive public park in Boston. It has a lot of history associated with it, and its natural beauty is unmatched. You will find beautiful homes here and a historic district of 1856. It features a French colonial style, making it more interesting for tourists. 

Pictures taken at this place will surely add a great touch of history and nature to your Instagram feed. 

  1. Tatte Bakery and Cafe

Tatte Bakery and Cafe is known for its minimalist, all-white interior. The cafe serves delicious coffee and pastries on vibrant-colored plates that greatly contrast the ambiance. You can take beautiful selfies here and pictures of the food to share your food journey with your followers, too. 

  1. The Revolution Hotel

The Revolution Hotel is unique. Its unique vibe is complemented by exceptional art installations and lavish grand staircases that will serve as a lavish backdrop for your photos. Visiting and capturing this hotel is your chance to explore the creative mechanical kitsch sculpture. 

The hotel’s coworking space is unique in its way, with its vibrant interior. You can photograph at many spots within this hotel. 

  1. Rouvalis Flowers and Gardens 

If you like vibrant flowers, you will not want to miss out on one of the city’s most popular flower shops. It is a classic flower shop with a Parisian vibe. Once you post photos you took here on your Instagram, you will surely receive messages from your followers asking if you are in Paris. 

  1. Citrus and Salt 

Citrus and Salt is an Instagrammable restaurant in Boston. Its unusual decor makes it a great backdrop for photos. Tourists love to take photos in the bathroom, which has colorful skull paintings all over it. 

The restaurant has a quirky vibe that will liven you and your photographs. You will also enjoy the delicious food that this restaurant serves. 

Final Words

If you want to explore the picture-perfect Boston soon, you can look for the United Airlines flights. Once you have booked your flight, you can prepare your itinerary with the help of this guide to ensure that you travel to all the Instagrammable places in Boston.