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Experience the Christmas Season in Malta The Mediterranean Archipelago is Transformed into a Holiday Wonderland

Christmas in Malta, an archipelago in the Mediterranean, is a holiday wonderland filled with festive events and Maltese traditions. As the Christmas holiday festivities return in full bloom to Malta, and its sister islands of Gozo and Comino, visitors can celebrate the end of the year and ring in the new one at this hidden gem in the heart of the Mediterranean. 


Fairyland – Santa’s City

Pjazza Tritoni in Valletta will be transformed into Santa’s City this Christmas from December 8th to January 7th, 2024. With attractions back by popular demand, from Rudolph’s Wheel, to give you the best bird’s eye view of Valletta, to an ice-skating rink for anyone looking to test their skills, or learn some new ones. In addition to the rides and attractions, visit the Christmas Market where visitors can get all their stocking fillers and indulge in a variety of traditional Maltese food and drink options. 

The Illuminated Trail at Verdala Palace 

Traversing the pathways of Malta’s cherished treasure, the Verdala Palace, rich in history and now the summer home of the President of Malta, unveils a breathtaking Christmas spectacle. Here, an enchanting display captivates visitors with an array of larger-than-life lantern-illuminated sculptures, intricate light installations, mesmerizing projections, and a myriad of other captivating artistic creations.

Christmas Street Lights in Valletta 

During the holiday season, Valletta, Malta’s capital and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, welcomes visitors with a vibrant and dazzling showcase of Christmas lights. This walled city is transformed into a kaleidoscope of festive enchantment, especially along the iconic Republic Street and Merchants Street, which are adorned with an array of vibrant light designs. 

St. John’s Co-Cathedral 

Throughout the year, a visit to Valletta’s renowned St. John’s Co-Cathedral is a must. However, as Christmas approaches, the renowned Co-Cathedral becomes a hub for a series of candlelit carol concerts and processions, inviting visitors to immerse themselves into a joyous and festive ambiance.

Gozo, Malta’s sister Island 

Bethlehem in Gozo 

 Set on the picturesque Ta’ Passi fields near the Għajnsielem church in Gozo, this Maltese crib stands as a captivating representation of the nativity story, stirring the imagination and offering a multi-dimensional experience. Central to its allure is the grotto featuring the Madonna, St. Joseph, and the Infant Jesus, serving as the crib’s primary attraction. Annually, this site is like a magnet for visitors, attracting approximately 100,000 locals and tourists alike, during the Christmas holidays to partake in this enchanting and culturally rich experience.

Traditional Maltese Cribs 

The Christmas season in Malta invites visitors to immerse themselves in the charming display of nativity scenes or cribs adorning every street corner. These cribs hold a significant place in Maltese tradition, distinguishing themselves from conventional nativity scenes. Referred to as Presepju in Maltese, these cribs depict Mary, Joseph, and Jesus within a landscape uniquely tailored to Malta’s essence, featuring rugged stones, Maltese flour, iconic windmills, and remnants of ancient ruins. 

The Għajnsielem Christmas Tree Lighting 

This 60 foot steel Christmas tree is decorated with more than 4,500 glass bottles, starting from December 10 til January 7, 2024!