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Explore Geneva’s relatively undiscovered wine offering this spring at Open Cellars 2024

As a leader in homegrown viniculture, Geneva has a dynamic but understated wine offering and this spring the city’s vineyards will open their doors for the 2024 edition of Open Cellars, on Saturday 25 May. Forming a core part of Swiss culture, this annual festival is the perfect taste-experience for both amateurs and wine enthusiasts alike.

Located in the heart of Geneva’s scenic countryside, the event invites guests to enjoy tastings and engage with producers to uncover the stories behind the wines while learning about the previous harvest. With 70 vineyards spread across the canton, visitors can embark on a scenic hike through Geneva’s diverse landscapes, exploring three distinct regions, each with its own unique charm. 

As the third largest wine-growing canton in Switzerland, Geneva stands out with its three unique wine regions: the Mandement region, the region between the rivers Arve and Rhône (Lully, Bernex, Soral, etc), and the region between the lake and the Arve (Jussy, Anières, Gy, etc). Nestled against the stunning backdrop of mountains, these vineyards offer an enticing getaway, making Geneva the ideal destination for a weekend of exploration and wine tasting.

Guests who visit the city to experience the Open Cellars festival, can uncover more of the city’s wine offering with Geneva Tourism’s range of unique activities. Couples can opt for the ‘Heritage and Wine’ package, with tastings of four different local grape varieties priced at GBP 390, while families will enjoy a Tuk Tuk vineyard tour through magnificent scenery, while learning about Geneva’s diverse offering. Alternatively, visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll, discovering the relatively undiscovered viniculture nestled on the fringes of the city.