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Explore the Railroad like never before with Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad

pedal-assisted railbikes

Rail Explorers, featuring pedal-assisted railbikes, announced today the launch of the Rail Explorers: Boone IA Division at the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad on July 21, 2022. This will be the first location in the Midwest and the fifth location in the Rail Explorers portfolio. Rail Explorers Boone IA joins sister locations including, Las Vegas, Nevada, Cooperstown, New York, The Catskills, New York, and Newport, Rhode Island.

Rail Explorers’ custom-built explorers are the latest development in pedal powered rail technology, and are the global leader in safety, design, and ease of operation. Rail Explorers are the founders of the railbike industry in the USA and pioneered this unique and exciting way to experience the magic of the railroad. Their heavy duty, commercial grade railbikes are the only all steel framed railbikes in America. This is just one of the reasons Rail Explorers are the industry leader in safety and customer service.

“Rail Explorers is excited to bring this unique, one-of-a-kind outdoor activity to the Midwest,” said Mary Joy Lu, Rail Explorers CEO.  “We are so excited to be partnered with the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad and the history they have preserved on these tracks. A portion of every Rail Explorers ticket sale benefits the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad.”

The Boone IA Division will utilize a custom-built electric motor, the REX Propulsion System on each railbike.  This makes the ride truly effortless, ensuring the experience is enjoyable for all ages and abilities. Rail Explorers offers a Quad railbike, for up to 4 riders and a Tandem, for 2 riders.

The Rail Explorers: Boone IA Division is unlike anything offered before. This ride is for thrill seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. These pedal-assisted bikes glide along the railroad tracks, letting you roll effortlessly through the Des Moines River countryside. Visitors can enjoy beautiful views of the Des Moines River Valley, where is it is not uncommon to see a convocation of bald eagles along the riverbank. The ride’s showstopper is the historic “Bass Point Creek High Trestle”, a 156′ high, 750′ long trestle with panoramic views of the Des Moines River Valley.  The 12.4 mile round trip tour will feature a half-way stop on the banks of the Des Moines River. Guests are encouraged to bring refreshments.

For tickets, gift cards and information, visit www.railexplorers.net.