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Exploring Athens Through Its Cuisine: A Food Lover’s Dream

Athenian cuisine is a perfect marriage of history and flavors. With all the cultural influences over the centuries, from the old Grecian ways to Ottoman and Venetian, you can expect a delightful spread of dishes that come with stories on their own. With food tours in Athens, Greece you can get a taste of the samplings Greece has offer. Let’s do a virtual tour, shall we?

Must-Try Dishes in Athens

  1. Moussaka

Let’s talk about moussaka. Layers of eggplant with spiced minced meat, topped with a rich, creamy bechamel sauce — and then baked to perfection. It’s basically a Greek lasagna, and it’s incredible. Trust me; your tastebuds will absolutely thank you!

2. Souvlaki

Now, souvlaki. Oh, you can not miss this! This dish is known as the “hamburger of Greece” for a reason. Grilled meat on skewers — usually served with a warm pita (for wrapping!) and a side of cool tzatziki sauce. This “street meat” is a quick, tasty option for an on-the-go meal while you are out in town.

3. Baklava

Oh, and dessert lovers? You should look out for baklava. Layers of thin phyllo dough stuffed with chopped nuts and sweetened with that sticky honey syrup. You’ll die over the buttery outer layers.

4. Liquid Gold and Wine

Not to mention olive oil and wine, known for sort of being the fountains of youth. Often referred to as “liquid gold,” the indispensable product of the olive tree is used in almost every Greek dish. It lends a delicate flavor and is the most natural juice for frying and cooking. Everywhere you look — on the plate, in the bowl, dunking it in bread, in the recipes. Wine is also everywhere you look, coming from some of the best wineries Greece has to offer!

Exploring Athens’ Food Scene

Was the sound of those mouth-watering delicacies enough to convince you? If not, this definitely will.

The City Markets

The Athens city markets have the most rapid and bustling food scene in the country. Central Market (Varvakios Agora) is a sight to behold — imagine rows of fruits and veggies, spices, olives, and cheeses in every variation. This place will give you a true taste of what Athens is all about and might even send you home with delicious souvenirs.

Modern Cuisine

While Athens holds close to culinary traditions, there is just as much (edible) magic to be found in the city’s modern-day food scene. Creative chefs are finding new ways to revolutionize old data, along with innovating brand-new dishes altogether. Diners will find new meanings for the word “melting pot” in either a high-class dining room or a casual bistro.

Get To Eating!

In Greece, food tours help people learn more about this beautiful country. A tour will navigate guests through different locations, nearby parlors, and local street vendors. Book yourself a food tour and stuff yourself with epic greek food!