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Family Travel Guide: Must-Know Packing Tips For A Relaxing Vacation

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When travelling with the kids, packing cannot be anything less than a nightmare. Don’t you agree? 

Are the clothes sufficient? Should I carry something else also to keep them entertained? 

Exactly these. And, a few other such questions occupy our minds when packing for family travel. 

We completely understand how overwhelming all of this is for you. 

But, hey! Packing doesn’t have to be so. 

Wondering how?

All you need to do is just follow these packing tips mentioned below. So, get started already!


The first thing you need to realize when packing is that you don’t need everything you think you need. 

And, that’s true. No matter how many belongings you think your child would need, you don’t have to overpack. Learn to differentiate the important stuff from the ‘might need’ one. 

That being said, prepare a list well in advance where you list down all the essential items. Divide the items into different categories like clothing (mine, spouse, kid), toiletries, footwear, and other such for further convenience. 

The key is to make sure not to carry any extra baggage! 

Use Packing cubes

Talking about packing and not mentioning packing cubes is like mentioning about cups without saucers. (Okay, a little exaggeration there!)

Packing cubes are available in a different range of colours and sizes and leave no stone unturned to simplify the packing process. Not only do the clothes remain as is but these also fit in a lot more clothes and stuff than you actually can without them. 

P.S. All the things are right in front. And, you don’t even need to unpack stuff upon reaching your destination.  

A first aid kit is a must 

Never head out anywhere without a first aid kit which comprises all the basic things. Because with kids, you never know of anything! 

God forbid for any mishappening but it’s always good to be prepared. 

Carry toys and games that kids haven’t come across

While it’s good to have toys and games that your kids like, it’s even better to have those that your kids haven’t yet come across! 

This is the best way to keep them entertained when they get restless or complain of any boredom during the trip

Seek kids’ help while packing

Yes we know, the packing will take literally forever with this. 

We don’t mean to involve them completely but letting them on their own with a small bag to pack their favourite toys or book helps. This way they feel involved, helpful,  and all the more excited. 

Pack a spare set of children’s clothes in hand luggage

Don’t do the mistake of packing all your child’s clothes in the suitcase. Always have a spare set in the hand luggage along with some baby wipes and nappies in case your kid uses them. 

Final Word

In order to prevent any surprises at the airport, be aware of the luggage weight well in advance and pack accordingly. 

Follow the above tips and your travel shall be sorted! 

If you plan on going short hikes with your young kid, there’s nothing better! Just make sure to carry the appropriate gear (like hiking shoes, jacket, pants etc.) required to ensure maximum safety. 

P.S. There are various brands offering some great stuff. And, Condor tactical belt is one such item that has been able to attract several buyers, due to its rugged yet functional design. 

Happy packing and safe tripping! 


  1. I really like your idea to let our kids pack a small bag of toys and books so they feel involved. My sister and her husband are looking for an inn where they can book a stay with their two kids before they go back to school. I’ll share this info to help the planning for their family trip go as smoothly as it possibly can!


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