The Need for NiceSeats

NiceSeats delivers peace of mind with a dose of clean, calm and comfy by way of washable, reusable seat covers you carry with you. 

People everywhere are looking for simple solutions to the problem of how they can protect themselves and their loved ones when ‘re-entering’ the world, especially when it comes to travel. With conflicting reports and lack of trust in messages we receive, feeling we have a sense of control in our health and safety has never been more vital. We all want to feel in control of protecting ourselves.

According to a 2018 study, the top three most germ-ridden places on airplanes are:

3. The door to the lavatory 
2. The seat pocket   
1. The headrest of your seat

Using NiceSeats makes it possible to avoid the top two filthiest places on the plane, and can make a shared space your space.

Origin of NiceSeats

NiceSeats has always been about personal space and cleanliness. 

NiceSeats was invented in 2005 in Los Angeles, CA, where the first-of-its kind airplane seat covers are still made to this day.  They were created by international costume designer Angela Aaron, grossed out by having to fly all over the world on airplane seats that were never cleaned. When the pandemic hit in 2020, Angela’s business took off, enabling her to quit her day job of being a costume designer and dedicate herself full time to expanding the mission and product line of NiceSeats.


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