Exciting news – for the first time in five years three sea turtles came on the shores of Baros Resort’s island and laid eggs while the resort was closed due to the current pandemic. As these eggs typically take around 50 – 60 days to incubate, 300 baby turtles will soon hatch at Baros. In the meantime, safety precautions have been placed by the team in order to protect the nests and they will likely hatch at nighttime. Because there are currently no guests and reduced staff on the island, the nests are safe and the eggs will hatch in the most natural way possible.

Baros, located on its own beautiful private island in the Maldives surrounded by one of the only natural reefs in the destination, the resort has always kept sustainability at the forefront of their values. In addition to keeping operations green, the resort offers a variety of programs that guests can participate in with the island’s in-house marine biologist to help protect its surrounding environment. These include:

  • Coral Reef Rehabilitation Program
    • Guests can work with Baros’ resident marine biologist and participate by collection broken, but still living, coral fragments from the seabed and attaching them to Baros’ island-made coral tables.
    • In order to participate, guests can sponsor a part of the reef while at the resort for $150. Once they sponsor, they work with the in house marine biologist to collect broken (but still living) pieces of coral from the seabed and attach them to the surrounding coral tables. After implantation, participants will receive updates on how their sponsored section of coral is growing every six months for two years. Guests can also sponsor part of the reef rehabilitation without physically taking part in the transplantation process.
  • EcoDive Center
    • Baros was the first EcoDive Center in the Maldives to be certified by International Reef Check, which scientifically monitors, restores and maintains the health of coral reefs around the world.
    • The team at Baros is passionate about protecting the underwater environment of the Maldives. Each dive is led by an expert and are designed to preserve this precious world and ensure minimum impact on the environment while guiding you to unforgettable underwater experiences.

Because Baros continues to protect its natural environment and its surrounding reef, marine life has made it their home and continue to prosper there.


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