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Fit To Fly London: A Step-By-Step Guide For Travellers

Despite the pandemic, business matters, appointments, and travel plans cannot be postponed. Given the importance of health, we cannot ignore the fact that we all need money to survive.

Besides, even during an outbreak, London had one of the busiest airports globally, with people entering and departing all the time. However, they did require Fit to Fly London certificates to enter the country. It ensures that the virus does not spread farther throughout the country.

What Is A Fit-To-Fly Certificate?

Whenever going overseas during the virus outbreak, airport companies and public governments request fit-to-fly health certificates for every traveller.

 A fit to fly London certificate is a document that verifies your eligibility to fly. A reliable healthcare provider can issue these certificates. They must certify that the individual is free of any infectious virus or other illness that could make travel unsafe for other passengers. The results are normally obtained by completing a PCR test at a designated London testing centre before travelling.

How To Obtain A Fit To Fly London Certificate?

To get a Fit to Fly London certificate, you will need to do the following

  1. Visit a testing facility or contact them directly by email, or phone call.
  2. Schedule an arrangement or consult a physician about your fit to fly London certificate. It should mention the findings of your covid tests.
  3. You can obtain your certificate through email the same day as your covid assessment, and you will be accountable for providing a paper copy.

Using The Fit To Fly Certificate At The Airport

Testing operatives at the testing centre are all registered and specialise in obtaining fit-to-fly letters that fulfil the needs of different airlines.

At the departure time, several airlines want the letter to be less than 48 (to 72) hours on-hand before the departure. Please contact your airlines immediately to learn about their specific criteria and what testing that they require you to undertake.

Is Negative PCR Testing Needed For A Fit To Fly Certificate?

In Addition to the fit-to-fly certificate, some nations demand a negative COVID-19 testing result certificate. Nevertheless, a fit-to-fly letter does not always need to include the coronavirus findings, as long as you have your testing results and the fit-to-fly certificate with you.


Whether you are attending a conference overseas or planning a vacation, obtaining a fit to fly London certificate is necessary to prove that you are not a carrier of the covid 19.

As the United Kingdom has set a mandate regarding the required fit-to-fly certificate for all travellers landing and departing London, finding a reliable health facility that will cater to your need for a certificate is important.

Randox Travel Health can assist you in getting the tests you need quickly and effectively.. They are a professional health centre that provides accurate covid testing and certificates to all travellers in and out of the UK. If you want to obtain more information, visit their health centre located at Heathrow airport, or you can also visit their website.