Daytona Beach is synonymous with summer, but the area’s mild temperatures continue into the winter months, even when it’s cold elsewhere. Winter can be a wonderful time to visit Daytona Beach. When the time is right for you to travel, here are five reasons to visit Daytona Beach in the wintertime:

 Perfect Weather: Weather in Daytona Beach, while glorious year-round, can be perfect in the winter. The bright blue skies and pure sunshine are ideal for golfing … and just about everything else. Daytime temperatures are mild, with an average high of 72 degrees Fahrenheit in December, 65 in January and 71 in February. Evenings can get cool enough for a sweater or even a jacket, but still comfortable. 

Great Hotel Deals:Winter is a great time to find special deals on accommodations in the Daytona Beach area. With everything from hotel rooms to oceanfront cottages and resorts, and from bed & breakfasts to condo hotels to campgrounds and RV parks — there’s a place to stay for every visitor’s taste and budget. Further, there is wide range of accommodation options for vacation crews of all sizes, and a wide range of hotel deals to make your stay affordable.

Outdoor Activities:All the outdoor adventures you love about Daytona Beach in the summer are here in the winter, too. The 23 miles of white sand beaches are open and wide, giving you plenty of elbow room. More adventurous vacationers can get out on the water with fishing, boating, paddle boarding, kayaking or sailing. Fans of the links can take their pick from nearly 20 golf courses, including the 36-hole LPGA International and a pair of courses on the Florida Historic Golf Trail.  Try tennis or pickleball. You can also experience nature by exploring more than 60 miles of hiking and biking trails, exploring one of six state parks, or take an ecotour.

Arts & Culture: Fewer winter crowds also mean more elbow room at museums and galleries. At the Smithsonian-affiliated Museum of Arts and Sciences, guests can walk through galleries featuring everything from art to industry to prehistory, and then step out into the boardwalks of the 90-acre Tuscawilla Preserve. Dig into Daytona Beach’s rich and colorful past at the Halifax Historical Museum. A walk around downtown Daytona Beach or Ormond Beach will take you through an abundance of art galleries and public art, with even more galleries, museums and history centers nearby. Check out the Daytona Beach Area Arts Map for details and directions.

Outdoor Dining:Outdoor dining is a great option throughout the winter. Great dining options abound for every taste. From traditional ethnic eateries to Asian fusion, and from fine dining to the finest burger, Daytona Beach is ready to tickle your taste buds. An abundance of waterfront restaurants will satisfy your craving for fresh seafood, along with amazing views. The Daytona Beach Ale Trail highlights local craft beers and artisan spirits in a diverse string of establishments owned and operated by people who are passionate about their brews.

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  1. Can u still drive on the beach I fixed up a jeep and one of my trips was to drive it on a beach me and my best friend diesel dog


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