Traveling to distant places has a unique charm that cannot be equaled by anything else. If you are a passionate traveler, you may already know a few things about food safety and its critical importance. Whether you want to try local cuisine, or you don’t want to stay away from street food when you travel, here are some vital food safety recommendations you should never overlook.

1. Go for piping hot foods

Heat is well known for its ability to kill germs, so the chances of ingesting contaminated food are reduced if you opt for foods that are served piping hot. Hot temperatures kill most germs that are responsible for what is called traveler’s diarrhea, so that is why you should prefer these foods.

Be aware of the foods that are left to stay warm on a rack. While the heat used during cooking might have killed all the germs, if left out in the open like that, the food can become contaminated from the air. Therefore, if you truly want to be safe, eat only hot foods.

2. Stick to bottled water

One of the major causes of foodborne illnesses that affect travelers is not actually food, but water. Some exotic locations might not offer safe water from the tap, and various bacteria can contaminate the water.

Make sure that you always have bottled water with you and avoid drinking from the tap. Especially in countries where the public water system is not very good, you should be extra aware.

3. Raw foods are a definite no-no

As much as you may feel drawn by the idea of trying local foods and experiencing different cuisines, raw foods should be out of the question. They can harbor germs and bacteria that can cause severe illnesses, and that’s why it is highly recommended to stay away from them. If you still want to try them, make sure that you only dine out in an establishment with a good reputation.

4. Opt only for foods that can be peeled

Another piece of advice you need to heed is to prefer fruits that you can eat only peeled. There can be a lot of bacteria on the surface of fruits and vegetables, and, unless you have the possibility to wash them thoroughly, abide by this recommendation.

5. Notice where the locals eat

While other travelers like you may feel tempted to flock to the same places they read about online, locals know better where the best places to eat are. Also, these places are the safest, too, and you can count on their popularity to see that they have a high turnover, and the food is always fresh there.

6. Pack sanitizing wipes

Food is not always contaminated when a traveler gets sick. It could be that the food was touched by contaminated hands, which is why you should pack a lot of sanitizing wipes, along with your other supplies fit for an adventurer, like Nightforce NX8, extra clothes, and your papers.



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