While almost half of the global population is stuck inside for what it seems at least until mid-May or the beginning of June, most of the traveling plans we once had have been canceled or postponed indefinitely.

We are facing what may be an even bigger crisis than the one we dealt a decade ago as we’re not talking about finances and economies alone. Under these circumstances, most companies do their best to survive and pay their employees, hoping for a brighter future come summer.

We know that being stuck inside can contribute to a series of negative feelings and emotions, including overreacting, stress, anxiety, panic, and even depression. But if you were to see the world with brighter eyes, where would you travel first once the crisis is over?

Is it safe to book your vacation now?

Since spring is already compromised, travel agencies and airlines are doing their best to sell their packages for better days with special discounts and offers. While many airlines had to reimburse their clients for their canceled flights abroad and inside the country due to the new health restrictions, others gave clients the choice to postpone their vacations for months, until it is safe to travel again.

That being said, if you’re courageous enough and don’t fear an economic crisis messing up your plans in the close future, now it would be an excellent time to book a vacation. Airlines have dropped their prices by up to 80% in the hope to save what’s left of this disastrous year for the entire world.

However, since we don’t know how the world will look like in the next six months, it would be smart to postpone your traveling plans until the last month of the year or the beginning of 2021.

Where to travel after the pandemic?

Even when life will ultimately take back its course, likely, people won’t feel safe to get back to crowded places immediately. That being said, you might want to stay away from the world’s most popular tourist destinations, and this includes the biggest cities in the US, Los Angeles, and New York.

If you want to avoid any cultural or social shocks, your first weekend getaway or vacation should be close to home. Before it will be 100% safe to travel again, you should choose domestic destinations such as the nearest beaches, gulfs or national parks, where you can enjoy the fresh air without sharing a small space with a large group of people.

Enjoying nature at its best while being stuck inside a house for so long could be the best way to recharge your batteries, so why not start with an old-fashioned camping trip? You can get plenty of tips on how to properly prepare for it by visiting thetrailgirl.com.


Although ⅔ of the American population won’t think about traveling for at least three months after the new coronavirus threat will be over, life will start to take back its course slowly, which means there will come a time when we will feel safe to see the world again.

So, if you have the chance, instead of canceling all your vacation plans for the rest of the year and the beginning of the new one, you might want to contribute to the economy by taking a small trip, at least to a near-by place.

Choose to eat in family-owned diners, opt for apartments or guest houses instead of big hotel chains, and don’t forget to tip along the way as much as you can to show your support for the hard times that will still come once the pandemic will be gone.



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