Frangipani Beach Resort, Anguilla’s premier luxury boutique resort, completed a large-scale sustainable energy project to generate clean, reliable power to the hotel.  The new solar panels system powers 70 percent of the resort and represents the largest sustainable project in Anguilla for a boutique resort. The project also offsets the costs of all energy-intensive operations at the resort – such as water production, air conditioning, water heaters, and more. Featuring 800 photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, the 370 kilowatts (KWh) solar installation offsets a portion of Frangipani Beach Resort’s energy demand, taking up approximately a quarter of an acre of the hotel’s main entrance. In addition, two solar canopies were added over the resort’s parking structure, converting sunlight into electricity.  Most importantly, the solar panel field’s enclosure was specifically designed to withstand hurricane-force winds. Frangipani also offers reusable cups to guests and a filtered water refilling station to help minimize the number of water bottles in circulation.


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