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From the Euros to the Olympics: Sim Local’s Summer of Sport Guide

With a sizzling summer schedule of sport just around the corner, Sim Local, a leading travel SIM card and eSIM retailer, is delighted to unveil its comprehensive Summer of Sport Guide.

Whether it’s following your favourite team around Germany at Euro 2024, taking in the tennis at Wimbledon or enjoying a festival of sport at the Olympics in Paris, staying connected is essential.

Sim Local is changing the way we stay connected while abroad. With a digital SIM plan—installed in under five minutes—fans can record all the action on and off the field, keep in touch with friends, and share their experiences on social media without the anxiety of expensive roaming charges.

These handy eSIMs are a game-changer for supporters, making sure they can share and experience every moment without worrying about where they are and what costs they might return to once home.

Sarah McGarr, Chief Digital Officer at Sim Local, said: “Big sporting summers such as this don’t come around often, and fans will no doubt want to keep abreast of the action.

“Staying tuned in, whether you’ve travelled to watch the spectacle or not, is essential to the experience of following these huge moments.

“With a quick download, our eSIMs ensure that fans can follow, capture, and share every moment without the worry of roaming charges.

“Additionally, eSIMs have the potential to revolutionise safety while travelling to these huge arenas and complexes. By providing seamless connectivity, people can stay connected with friends and access emergency services instantly, regardless of their location.

“We are excited to offer a solution that not only enhances the experience of supporters but also keeps everyone connected, no matter where they are in the world.”

She added: “With our Summer of Sport Guide, we aim to make it easy for fans to stay in touch and share their adventures in real-time. Sim Local’s eSIMs provide the flexibility and reliability that travellers need, especially in busy and atmospheric environments.”

Why is an eSIM an essential for Summer of Sport 2024?

Follow the action live: If you have travelled to be a part of the atmosphere, but don’t have a ticket, being able to see the action somehow is essential to enjoying the experience. 

With Sim Local’s eSIM, you will be able to stream all the big moments live onto your phone without the fear of incurring roaming charges.

Stay Connected with Friends: As well as enjoying your experience with the people you’re with, you’ll want to make your friends back home jealous, too.

Let them know you were there when your team scored thanks to Sim Local’s eSIMs. Able to access to the internet locally, eSIMs provide reliable connectivity, making it easy to stay in touch with the people who matter most for the big moments.

Share on Social Media: Whether it’s the antics of the fan parks in Germany or the drama of the 100-metres final in Paris, capturing moments you’ll remember and cherish for a lifetime is a huge part of the fan experience.

Supporters are finally liberated from the constraints of data limits and roaming charges. Sharing your festival experience has never been easier.

With an activated eSIM plan, there’s no need to hold back – every moment, every goal, and every cheer can be instantly shared with friends and followers, amplifying the drama and excellence of the summer of sport to a global audience.

Global Festival Guide Highlights

Euro 2024 (Germany) – Follow your team across the country while effortlessly sharing every crowd chant and goal with friends back home using Sim Local’s convenient eSIM.

Summer Olympics (Paris, France) – Whether you’re in the cacophony of the velodrome or taking in the tranquillity of the rowing, Sim Local ensures you’re always connected to capture and share the biggest moments.

Wimbledon (London, UK) – Enjoy some strawberries and cream and keep your social media buzzing with live updates, thanks to Sim Local’s seamless connectivity.

The Open (Troon, UK) – From storming drives to tricky greens, stay in touch and share every highlight with Sim Local’s reliable eSIM service.

Tour de France (France and Italy) – Whether you’re in Florence or Monaco, Sim Local keeps you linked to your friends and family, so you never miss a moment.