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Gat a Webspot : The Europe pocket wifi to stay connected during your travel

How to get internet while traveling in Europe ?

Stop waiting … we have found a solution : get a Pocket Wifi Europe

For an entrepreneur, a professional, a digital nomad, a housewife and even for children, having a MIFI is now always necessary.
Have you ever had a bad service from your internet provider and you just freak out and flood their hotline with complaints? Part of the reason is that you don’t get what you pay for. But one big part is you sometimes can’t function without having an internet connection.

Staying connected abroad isn’t as straightforward as it should be. Opt for dataroaming and sweat over the fees? Hang around McDonald’s all day to access to a free WiFi? Before you turn off your phone, consider the Webspot, the hotspot provide unlimited WiFi in more than 120 countries. You can connect up to five devices at the same time.

The Webspot works by sourcing internet from cloud SIM cards connected to worldwide accounts. That is a perfect news for all travelers with smartphones who do not want to unlock their phones or rely on public or hotel unsecured wifi hotspots.

I tested My Webspot during a trip through Paris in France The device was sturdy and fit in my pocket. The interface was very intuitive and setup was very easy. Battery life is around eight hours, though slightly shorter than advertised.

My Webspot is a clear and smart alternative to SIM cards and monthly data plans for travelers who want to stay connected and can live without lightning-fast internet.