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Give the gift of travel experiences this Christmas

Photo Courtesy - Kernius Pauliukonis

Tinggly is a global experience gifting company that seeks to change the culture of gifting and help people make more meaningful gifts. The company’s mission is to promote happiness through the gifting of inspiring experiences, whilst reducing the giving of meaningless material presents.

Tinggly is the first and only global experience gifting company in the world in which the buyer, the gift recipient and the experience chosen can all be in different countries.

Photo Courtesy – Kernius Pauliukonis

Experiences give us more happiness than things. We also take more pleasure in giving to others rather than ourselves. And the prospect of an upcoming exciting experience is a strong motivating force. These are scientifically proven facts that suggest buying an experience for others is one of the best investments we can make. But it has always been rather complicated to gift experiences. It is hard enough to choose the right experience for someone else, let alone know the best time and place for it to take place.

Tinggly simplifies experience gifting by narrowing down the world’s best experiences and making them easy to gift to anyone around the world. The Tinggly team selected over 2,000 experiences in over 100 countries and packaged them into 26 gift boxes with different themes and price points.

Each of the gift boxes contains a range of handpicked options, giving the gift recipients the freedom to decide the what, when and where. Experiences include cultural tours, skydiving, bungee jumping, gourmet experiences, fastcar and adventure driving, spa and beauty, landmark visits, extreme sports and many more.

Christmas gift box

Photo Courtesy – Tinggly

The ‘Merry Christmas’ gift box itself has over 550 adventures, romantic escapes, food and drink experiences, and other genuine one-of-a-kind activities that can be done across the world, giving the recipient the choice. So if you don’t know where the recipient will be or will like most, you don’t have to worry.

Tinggly gifts can be sent physically or online, making them the perfect gift to quickly send around the world.

Gift receivers have 5 years to choose an experience from their gift box, giving them plenty of time to plan ahead. Tinggly is ideal for travel enthusiasts and digital nomads looking to try new things in different places, but experiences can also be redeemed close to home.

For more information visit, tinggly.com.


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