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Voyaging into summer 2023 with Greece’s leading small ship company, Variety Cruises

Greek and family-owned since 1949, and now helmed by the third generation of its founder, Variety Cruises announces its spring/summer 2023 transcendental adventures to inspiring locations in Greece, Italy, Malta, Tahiti, the Seychelles, West Africa and beyond. 


Aboard the storied Galileo or the beautiful Panorama I, the popular Jewels of the Cyclades takes passengers around the dazzling cluster of islands whose name comes from the fact that they form a rough circle (kyklos in Greek) around the sacred isle of Delos. Stops on this eight-day adventure include Santorini, Mykonos, Antiparos, and Paros, with each island offering Insta-worthy whitewashed villages, golden beaches with crystal-clear waters, and famed incomparable light.

The line’s flagship vessel, the 223-foot mega yacht Harmony G, detailed with warm fabrics, rich marbles, plush carpeting, and wood paneling, along with Harmony G, returns with the Classical Greece itinerary from May to September. In addition to beloved islands like Kea, Santorini, Mykonos and the neighboring UNESCO-protected archaeological isle of Delos, visitors will see Crete, the largest and southernmost Greek island, the crystal blue waters of the Aegean gem Kythira, the historical Peloponnese treasures of Monemvasia and Nafplion, and the off-the-beaten track island of Hydra, with its picturesque harbor.


The Seychelles are famous for being the perfect destination for both summer and winter cruises due to its warm climate, and voyagers will get to enjoy this paradise and experience a unique island-hopping adventure that is only truly possible by small boat. The 148ft (45 meters) Pegasos features 21 cabins and welcomes up to just 44 guests. Now, more than 10 years after Variety launched its first ever itineraries in the area, the company offers three standard itineraries: an eight-day cruise, five days, and four days. Optional excursions offer further opportunity to dive into the South Pacific’s underwater world or trek through tropical jungles and laze on heavenly beaches.


Locals say the Tahitian islands are embraced by Mana (a life force that surrounds us) which visitors sense immediately upon arrival. Island-hopping allows voyagers to feel the mana and admire the varied landscape, from mountain ridges strung with waterfalls to flat, desert-like atolls surrounded by lagoons. A seven-night Tahiti & the Pearls of French Polynesia cruise takes passengers to the islands of Bora Bora, Huahine, Raiatea and Moorea. 

A 10-night itinerary, Tahiti, the Society, & Tuamotu Islands, allows a deeper discovery of the archipelago. This cruise follows the same route as the seven-night cruise, then continues to rarely visited Makatea, a coral island unlike any other destination in French Polynesia. 

Italy & Malta

Sicily, Malta and the Aeolian Islands trips on Harmony G shine a spotlight on the peninsulas of Italy and Malta. Rising out of the cobalt seas off Sicily’s northeastern coast, the UNESCO-protected Aeolian Islands offer a wealth of opportunities for relaxation and adventure, from swimming, kayaking, and diving to trekking and exploring hissing volcanoes. This eight-day voyage also allows guests to lounge on the beautiful beaches of Malta’s Gozo island, and visit its Citadel and baroque Cathedral.