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Heal Your Mind, Body & Spirit With a Soak in One of Greece’s 800 Curative Mineral Springs

Lake Vouliagmeni, Greece (PRNewsfoto/Greek National Tourism Organiza)

With more than 800 natural healing water resources, Greeceis one of the world’s leading go-to destinations for healing spas.  Set in unparalleled locations known for their stunning beauty, Greece’s iconic, natural mineral springs offer visitors unmatched relaxation and escape in both warm and cold temperatures.  Greece’s ancient mineral springs have been proven to heal a number of illnesses.

Samothrace Island, Greece (PRNewsfoto/Greek National Tourism Organiza)

“For thousands of years Greeks and travelers who suffered from chronic conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism have relied on Greece’s incomparable mineral waters for hydrotherapy and healing,” said Grigoria Kamaterou, Director of Marketing for U.S. & Canada, Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO). “From enjoying natural seawater soaks, seaweed and mud treatments to hot stone massages from one of our volcanoes; to feasting on healthy Mediterranean cuisine, or just relaxing, Greece offers an unparalleled spa escape.”

A visit to any one of the enchanting thermal springs is the perfect stress-relieving end to a Greek holiday.  A few of Greece’s 800 legendary and breathtaking natural mineral waters and springs include:

  • Pozar Thermal Baths are located in northern Greece, at the foot of Mount Voras, 1,500 feet above sea level. “Pozar,” meaning ember or burning coal, thermal baths are set among natural waterfalls in a stunning landscape. The Toplitsa River, a thermal river formed by hot water springs, flows through the ravine. At the site, you will find an ancient hydrotherapy center featuring 48 private baths, two indoor pools and two small hamam facilities, as well as a modern hydrotherapy center with eight 6-person pools.
  • Loutraki, at the base of picturesque Mount Geranela, is a seaside resort town on the Gulf of Corinth, 50 miles west of Athens. Loutraki, characterized as “The Water of Life” since antiquity, boasts warm, healing waters that are derived and discharged from the great mineral depths of the mountain.
  • Vathres, Samothrace is famous for its island beaches in the Aegean, but even more for its “vathres” the natural waterfalls formed in the rocks, which empty into successive pools with crystal, deep-green waters. The most famous are the Fonias (the Killer) and Gria Vathra (the Old Pool.)
  • Kaiafas Thermal Spa, renowned since antiquity, flow from caves at the feet of the Lapitha mountain to the east coast of the Kaiafas Lagoon in Southwestern Greece. The water springs from the ground at some points running hot and others cold, and are rich with minerals.
  • Vouliagmeni Lake, in the heart of the Athenian Riviera is just a 30-minute drive from the ancient city, but worlds apart. It derives its mystical healing properties from natural springs with a high concentration in salt and minerals. The distinguishing feature of this lake would be the “Spa Fish” that live in the lake that relieve your skin of its dead cells while offering a relaxing massage.
  • Therma located along the Southeastern coastline of the beautiful island of Ikaria (Icaria), in the Northern Aegean Sea offers three active bath and spa facilities: Cave, Apollon and Kratsas. These mineral-rich springs feature a hot river that drains into the sea, offering both swimmers and bathers an unmatched experience.
  • Lesvos, an island located in the Northeastern Aegean boasts four major thermal springs: Polichnitos, the hottest natural spring in all of Europe; the Eftalou springs in Molyvos; The Baths at Thermi on the beautiful Gulf of Year; and the historical baths of Skala Thermi, once used as the divine spring of the goddess Artemis.


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