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Hilton Lake Como Unveils A Winter Garden & Tempting New Menu

The exclusive rooftop bar has a new look and an exquisitely revamped menu by Executive Chef Alessandro Ramella

Hilton Lake Como Winter Garden

Hilton Lake Como is delighted to offer its guests and locals alike a new winter culinary offering at flagship restaurant Terrazza 241 restaurant & bar on the hotel’s spacious rooftop. Benefiting from jaw-dropping panoramic scenery, Terrazza 241 is the ideal place to relax and rejoice this autumn and beyond in Lake Como with a new menu and winter garden, which has been created specially to allow the enchanting scenery with 360-degree panoramic views to be enjoyed throughout the winter months. Offering live music entertainment in the evening, Hilton Lake Como’s new menu by Executive Chef Alessandro Ramella paired with the new winter garden is the perfect combination to take advantage of sunny days whilst also having available the trendiest aperitif of Como.  

Boasting a magical atmosphere surrounded by the colours and lights that line the shores of the lake, the new winter garden is the perfect setting for unforgettable moments, whether an informal lunch with friends and family or important business meetings. The exclusive new festive space at Terrazza 241 has been created using sustainable materials from the creative design collaboration of the Privitera Eventi technical team with lighting designer Adriana Lohmann. The new winter garden was designed to make guests’ experience unique and offer intimate indoor dining with the option to also take advantage of sunny days outdoors.

The New Menu at Terrazza 241

At Terrazza 241, Hilton Lake Como’s rooftop restaurant & bar, Executive Chef Alessandro Ramella and his esteemed teem offer the best traditional Italian recipes revisited with a modern twist and presented in an elegant yet innovative way – maintaining the concept that distinguishes the entire hotel.  Seasonality of the products is the utmost importance, which is why truffles are a must; if you are a truffle lover then you can add this delicacy to every dish on request!
A crisp autumn has brought a flurry of tasty recipes to Hilton Lake Como and Terrazza 241 that will satisfy even the most sophisticated palates. Among the delicious new additions to the new autumnal menu now available, Raviolone Carbonaro and Duck Breast are both must-try signature dishes. Raviolone Carbonaro consists of a disc of puff pastry resting on creamy Parmesan cheese, with a filling of ricotta, spinach, egg and the inimitable guanciale Romano, creating a perfect contrast of flavours. A recipe made with fresh and genuine ingredients but used in a very unusual way. The Duck Breast is served with a chocolate sauce, blackberries, chestnuts, currants, and turnip greens: a combination that may seem unusual but will certainly surprise you. 

Eat your drink: A New Culinary Cocktail at Terrazza 241 

A new innovation at Terrazza 241 has been created by Vincenzo Sulmona, Rooftop Manager of Terrazza 241, who has guided a new sensory tasting experience combining the liquid component of the cocktail with the solid, creating a culinary cocktail experience like no other. The Sphere is a cocktail to be enjoyed, drink and then eaten: a chocolate sphere filled with a hazelnut parfait in which a coffee digestive is mixed. Pure enjoyment and taste interpretations that evolve with every bite. The Shape is also a new cocktail in which the freshness of citrus fruits and the character of rum blend perfectly with the unmistakable shape of the baba.  In addition to the new tempting tipples, Hilton Lake Como’s cocktail menu always includes much-loved classics such as the Smoked  Negroni, the Terrazza Spritzer and the Simia Sour Hilton signature cocktail.
Now open year-round, Hilton Lake Como looks forward to catering to families, couples, solo guests, corporate bookings, and gourmet travellers.