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Hitting the road this fall? Don’t make these road trip mistakes!

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Are you planning a road trip this fall? There really is no better way to witness the shifting seasons and the beauty of the world around you than hitting the open road with your best friend sat up front next to you.

So, if you’re planning a road trip this fall, don’t make these mistakes!

Make sure your car is roadworthy

Your car might manage your daily commute pretty well, but can it handle an additional thousand miles safely without causing you any issues? If not then you could be at risk of a car accident or finding yourself inadvertently caught up in one if your car doesn’t react the way you need it to in an emergency – if you’ve been in a car accident that could have been avoided find a PI lawyer in Pittsburgh as soon as possible to discuss what happened.

Before you travel, have your car serviced properly. Check your engine fluid levels, your tires and your brakes. If anything needs replacing, don’t risk it! Have your vehicle prepared now so you can have peace of mind and enjoy your road trip without worrying about a potential break down when you are hundreds of miles from home and stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Not planning your route

Of course, there’s something romantic about hitting the road and seeing where it takes you. But this isn’t Hollywood. If you fail to plan your route you’re going to get lost, frustrated and probably spend most of your time trapped in traffic and on highways. Planning your route means you won’t miss out on anything you want to see and you can make better use of your time on the road. Plan where you’re going to stay and book ahead so you always have somewhere to sleep and recharge. Your loved ones will also know where you’re planning to visit and it’ll give everyone peace of mind.

Making your vehicle a target

Your smartphone, your friends’ tablet, your headphones, even your wallet… All of these things are the perfect temptation for thieves and opportunists, who’ll be able to tell you’re out of town and probably a little distracted by your surroundings. Always keep your belongings out of sight when you’re not in the vehicle and keep the car locked!

Not taking enough photos

Yes, you’re going to want plenty of shots for Instagram and add to your stories daily. However, in your rush to wow all your followers with your adventures, don’t forget to take some simple photos of your trip. In twenty years, that picture of you drinking a beer with your best friend by that stunning lake you stumbled across will bring back more happy memories than that boomerang ever will.

And finally, not anticipating an emergency

Anything can happen on the road and while you shouldn’t necessarily expect the worst you should still be prepared for it. Don’t forget to bring road trip essentials, such as a flashlight, extra clothing and blankets, a list of all your emergency numbers, a first aid kit and food and water.


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