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Hotel Húsafell is One of The World’s Best Northern Lights Hotel

Iceland is a unique travel experience that can completely shift your perspective on the world. Nestled in the middle of the North Atlantic, this off-beat destination offers something truly unexpected and out of the ordinary. It’s no wonder that Iceland has become a bucket list item for travel enthusiasts everywhere. While you won’t find yourself lounging on a sandy beach with a fruity cocktail in hand, the diversity of Iceland’s landscapes more than makes up for it. So pack your bags and prepare to embark on an adventure like no other!

The Northern Lights

The time of year you choose to travel to Iceland will make a big difference to what you see and how you experience the country, as well as how busy the attractions are. It is a fact that during winter is the least busy time in Iceland and that this time of year comes with the unbelievable Northern Lights.

On clear, slightly cold, and dark winter nights between September and April, Iceland is treated to a magnificent natural display which is the phenomenon of Aurora Borealis, or what is commonly called the Northern Lights. These are the only months where the nights are long and dark enough that they are visible. Iceland is a true and genuine Off-Beat location for this magnificent ionizing light show, which leaves its audience amazed. And due to its location between in the middle of the North Atlantic it provides the best climate, tranquillity, and wondrous environment to watch nature’s greatest spectacle play out above for your senses to enjoy.

The Northern Lights is a natural and magnificent phenomenon created when the solar wind particles interact with the Earth’s magnetic field. When these particles hit its atmosphere, they travel down the magnetic field lines and finally enter Earth’s atmosphere at the poles, where the field is naturally weakest. This excites the particles that release ionizing energy, causing peculiar luminous green and purple, but occasionally red, pink, orange, and blue streaks flowing waves across the skies. It’s simply unforgettable due to the breath-taking experience which is immersed with the forces of nature.

One of World’s Best Northern Light Hotel

Hotel Húsafell is proud to say that FORBES magazine named Hotel Húsafell as one of the world’s best hotels to experience the Northern Lights. So, listen up!

Hotel Húsafell is a year around resort but also a luxury winter lodge where you can for example take in the most impressive light display nature has ever provided from an outdoor fully sustainable geothermal bath or from your own hotel room or just by taking one step outside to enjoy the show in the lush landscape that surrounds Hotel Húsafell and its area. Therefore, Hotel Húsafell is most certainly a place with far less of a human footprint on nature because you are away from the light pollution, and you are present in the heart of Iceland’s aurora zone.

Hotel Húsafell was the first Hotel in Iceland to offer automated Northern Lights Auto-Aurora Wake-Up-Call service and still offers waking its guest up. So, while staying at Hotel Húsafell, you don’t have to worry that the Northern Lights will pass you by because its staff will make sure you experience them when they appear by offering you free automated Northern lights Auto-the Aurora Wake-Up service.

Hotel Húsafells staff is trained to provide Aurora-Chasers with expert tips and app suggestions for capturing the Northern Lights. But also, the hotel’s in-house restaurant is designed for optimal Northern Lights viewing with floor-to-ceiling windows so guests can gaze upon the lights while dining.

Keep in Mind

But keep in mind that just like any other phenomena dependent on weather, seeing the Northern Lights has a lot to do with luck, patience, and being in the right place at the right time. Although, there are certain things you can do to increase the odds of seeing the enchanting flowing waves across the skies.

The best place to check out nightly Aurora forecasts is on the Icelandic Meteorological Office’s website. You can also check at Aurora Reykjavik, which also provides handy instructions on how to interpret a Northern Lights forecast.