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How Are Truck Accident Claims Different From Other Claims

Truck accidents can be particularly tricky to handle and may require a lawyer for a truck accident claim to get the right compensation. For more information on how you can make a claim and why it’s important, see below:


Truck accidents often result in very serious injuries that can’t be easily seen from the outside. Trucking companies have been found negligent in many cases of personal injury. In these instances, you must work with a truck accident attorney that has experience handling truck-related lawsuits. You will also need a local attorney that knows state laws, so, if you’re in Philly, you’ll need a truck accident lawyer in Philadelphia rather than some big-time lawyer from New York. keep in mind that the most qualified lawyers for this work will be those who have experience dealing with negligence claims involving trucks. 

Different Rules Apply

In a car accident, both parties are held accountable. In truck accidents involving property damage, the trucker is responsible for following the rules of the road and obeying speed limits. However, when it comes to personal injury claims in a truck accident, your attorney will need to figure out who exactly is at fault. For instance, you can’t hold a negligent driver liable if he doesn’t own the truck that hit you. Furthermore, federal laws override state laws when it comes to interstate travel by trucks. 

Who’s At Fault?

There were 1.6 million large trucks involved in crashes each year from 2005-2009 according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The FMCSA enforces safety regulations on commercial truckers and their trucks. Trucking companies are required to comply with federal regulations or risk losing the right to operate on public roads.

What To Do If You’re Involved In A Truck Accident

The best thing you can do is report it immediately. Call 911, get medical attention if needed, keep the damaged property safe for insurance claims, stay clear of any intersection where you’re not supposed to be standing. After all, all you care about is getting back on your feet as soon as possible so try not to worry about anything else! 

How Insurance Covers These Accidents

If you’re in an accident involving a commercial truck and the driver is not at fault, their insurance will cover the damages. Private carriers have a legal obligation to carry liability protection of at least $750,000 per vehicle and must meet minimum requirements for workers’ compensation. A thorough investigation may be needed to find out who was at fault when it comes to getting your claim covered under their policy. Also, keep in mind that filing a personal injury claim takes time because you’ll need to provide substantial evidence for your attorney!

Compile Necessary Information

Gather information that will help your claim, including police reports, medical records, bills, receipts for damaged or lost items. This is where your phone comes in because you want to have all the necessary numbers saved directly into your contacts. Also important are witness statements and photos of the scene if possible. If you were left with expenses, you can receive compensation for things like lost wages, damage to property (including car repairs), hospitalization costs (if you suffer permanent injuries), pain and suffering (if anything else was exacerbated). 

What You Need To Avoid

There are some things you shouldn’t do when it comes to your truck accident, so please keep in mind:

Don’t discuss the accident with anyone immediately after the event occurs. Don’t give any written statements and don’t sign anything (including insurance forms). Take photos of everything involved in the accident and make sure that they’re visible. If another car was involved, get its plate number and take a picture of them too. Don’t let your injuries worsen or cause further problems throughout your recovery period because this will lead to permanent damage.

Don’t get discouraged if you’ve been brushed off by both the trucking company AND insurance company right away after the accident. It’s not uncommon for them to insist there’s nothing they can do or that their driver wasn’t at fault. If this is an instance where a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer is needed, keep in mind that it could take months to prove negligence on their part. The best thing you can do is contact one immediately after your claim has been denied so that legal action can be taken ASAP!

You may need to wait for a little while before hiring an attorney. There are no specific rules for how quickly after an accident you’re required to hire representation, so it’s up to your discretion.