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How diversification has played key role for private charters during Covid-19

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The travel industry is hurting. Major international airlines have announced thousands of layoffs during the past weeks, while grounded aircraft are money-wasting machines. Uncertainty is the norm today throughout the entire industry. And those who think private aviation hasn’t been struck by the pandemic are wrong.

Board meetings have been canceled, sporting events postponed, and pleasure vacations delayed, all of which make up for most of the demand for executive flight globally. Nevertheless, the diversification of services has allowed this segment to maintain its competitiveness throughout the pandemic. How? In part by attracting first time fliers that choose this segment as a means to mitigate exposure to the novel coronavirus.

BitLux, the Palm Beach based private aviation company, has been able to use its service diversification to maintain operations amid the pandemic outbreak. “From our beginnings, we’ve been adapting to the market needs, whether executive flights, cargo jet operations or helicopter charters. This flexibility has allowed us to maintain our demand, even increase it in some segments, during these unprecedented times”, states Kyle Patel, CEO of BitLux.

One of these segments has been repatriation flights. Also called evacuation flights, repatriation operations demand for flawless coordination with diplomatic personnel located around the globe in order to bring entire families back home. This is where reliability plays a key role. Air charter solution companies can source aircraft of different sizes, types, and costs, securing availability in times of high uncertainty. And for repatriation flights the previous is paramount.

Shift in consumer behavior

It can be established that while the number of private clients compared to commercial passengers has increased, they´re motive for travel has shifted. Whereas yesterday business or pleasure were the main drivers, especially for those first-time executive fliers, safety is the main coveted trait today. “Controlling the travel process has granted a safety blanket for those in need to travel. From a passenger perspective, being able to reduce uncertainty by tailoring his flight experience is a true added value”, add Patel.

Reliability also leads this shift in consumer behavior. Particularly for repatriation flights, a reliable service is paramount when moving stranded families in foreign countries. Here the main clients are diplomatic personnel of diverse nations, helping their fellow nationals to come back home safely. Within this trait also lies the large pool of aircraft provided by air charter companies, offering a wide range of planes with different sized and operational costs.

What comes next? There’s no clear path nor timeline towards the recovery of the travel industry, although if the last weeks are any evidence, the private jet market should recover quickly. One thing remains certain, flexibility permits aircraft to remain airborne instead of grounded, adapting to the needs of many industries around the world, what eventually allows to account for fixed costs like aircraft insurance and staff salaries.

Private aviation continues to make the most out of its diversification during the pandemic, adapting to any need while maintaining high safety standards and its world-renowned top-notch customer service.

BitLux provides executive jet charter and cargo charter brokerage services in the most thorough, safe, and ethical way possible. If you would like to speak with us about a shipment involving a top priority load, please contact us immediately at covidresponse@bitluxtravel.com.


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