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How successfully develop a travel YouTube channel – tips and tricks that really work

For most bloggers in the industry of tourism and traveling YouTube is an obvious social platform to choose. Here they can unleash their potential completely, making their experience useful and entertaining to provide more views and not just profit from that, but help other people to formulate their wishes and goals. Of course, the decision to buy YouTube 500 YouTube views is what comes first to mind, but with purchase options only you won’t get many organic viewers and grow your channel in the long term – this is not what you should start by. For nailing paid services you have to build up a decent strategy of natural growth. And in this article, you will find effective tips and tricks for that.

Focus On A Niche

There are certain types of videos that are working best in the travel segment of YouTube. For your channel to become popular quickly, you should concentrate on a certain niche and style, so your content has more definition and authenticity. Turn your attention to guides and vlogs, which tend to be the most engaging formats for travel channels.

Being more narrow in your topic choice allows you to filter your target audience more precisely, so you get more activity on your account, which is better for your growth and ratings, than getting lots of inactive users who would barely open your channel once in a while, since they are not exactly interested in your content.

Top Types Of Videos To Use In Travel Industry


This kind of video is often very personalized and filled with your experience, opinions, and reactions. People often make such videos on the spur of the moment, providing pure emotions and sincere reductions, thus triggering the feeling of inclusion, which makes a stronger connection with the spectator. With such a format to use, you have to be ready for lots of communication and interest in your private life, whatever the topic of your blog is. The pleasant bonus for beginners is that users are usually less critical of video quality and filming imperfections, as they want to see genuine and unedited content.


This kind of travel video is concentrated on providing valuable information to viewers. So if you wish to make such videos you need to work on video quality and do a lot of fact-checking. A helpful guide is not obliged to be personalized, yet giving your videos a bit of your character will make them stand out from the others in this niche. The specific of guides is that they can lose value with time since the world is constantly changing due to different factors. Keep that in mind and plan updates on your older content to keep the audience engaged.

Exact Niche Videos

This type of travel channel on YouTube is harder to maintain depending on the choice of topic. Content is a combination of guides and vlogging, often with a medium level of personalization. When you choose this type of travel blog, it means that you focus on one aspect of the travel industry and it is applied to all the content that you shoot and release. For example, many bloggers choose food as their main topic, so all their travels are basically a filmed gastronomic tour. Others focus on explaining the local culture, or touristic infrastructure of the area, providing a more exact analysis and explanation of things.


The vital aspect of a travel blog is the story and background of the video. How often did you find extremely beautiful footage of nature, cities, countryside views or so, with only peaceful music applied? And how soon did you get completely bored with these?

That’s the thing – people want to know something unique and authentic, and what can be more original than a personal story?

The question is rhetoric, of course, but you have to conclude it. For better engagement and activity on your blog, your travels and videos about them have to be infused with interesting non-basic stories. You can either expose your personal experience or collect local history and turn it into a fascinating video.

Consider Better Equipment

The travel industry on YouTube requires high-quality tech if you want to reach success in this sphere. There are many bloggers in this industry, so people are used to fine images and large-scale, movie-like shooting. If there is a financial possibility, you should invest in good gear at the beginning of your career, as well as get some classes for using it properly.

Include a drone in your plan. With the help of this flying machine, you can get more fascinating views and shoot your blog as a professional. However, you must consider the risks and the necessity to learn how to use this machine properly, so you get high-quality content with less effort.

Structurize And Script Your Videos

Nothing can be more pathetic than poorly structured videos. Since you are telling a story, there is a basic scheme for nailing it. Here are the key points to stick to:

  • The Intro. This part of the video is your opening that guides the viewer through what they are about to see. The goal of it is to maximize engagement to motivate users to watch the rest of your video. Avoid making it too long and detailed, aim for the shortest possible brief.
  • The Core. This is your video, nothing to explain much. This is your work exposed to the audience, so you should make it visually rich, effective, useful, and impressive, so the interest of your audience won’t drop.
  • The End. That’s where you put conclusions you want to emphasize, communication, and calls to action that are motivating your audience or redirecting them to other content you have.

In general, the overall length of the video that is recommended for most YouTube videos is somewhere around 15 minutes, but this is not a[plied for the travel industry. Mostly, travel videos have 1-hour footage – that’s a golden standard for this niche.

Scripting is vital for you to place all the accents in the right balance. By planning your story you can maintain the engagement and interest of the audience, so they watch your video from beginning to end.


There are many guides that can tell you how to run YouTube SEO properly and how to apply the right hashtags to your videos. But this article refers to the travel industry on YouTube, which has a few different rules for launching and running. To make your channel popular and keep growing constantly, you must rely not only on YouTube algorithms and SEO but be able to find the most fascinating stories and views, as well as fuel your community with high-quality communication and well-done visual component.