Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected nearly every aspect of our lives. As travelers start to rediscover the world again, it’s not surprising that the majority (79%) are planning to take more health and safety related precautions when traveling in the future with over half (59%) opting to avoid certain destinations altogether due to safety concerns. 

This safety-first attitude is even more apparent in regions that have experienced strict lockdown measures in a bid to tackle the spread of coronavirus, including travelers from India (71%), China (67%) and South Korea (65%) who will be far more likely to avoid certain destinations. Likewise, travelers living in countries with less strict travel restrictions have shown less concern in avoiding certain countries, including travelers from the Netherlands (32%), Sweden (47%) and Germany (49%).

Nonetheless, travelers are willing to play their part with 67% happy to travel to destinations where health spot checks on arrival are standard and 62% where it’s mandatory to wear a face mask in public. 

Unsurprisingly, travelers will look to the travel industry for reassurance with 68% expecting travel providers to clearly outline the safety precautions they’re taking and 43% agreeing that a clear display of cleaning and hygiene policies is now a must have. 

In response to a rise in demand from travelers wanting greater awareness of a property’s health and safety features, now ensures properties’ safety measures (such as hygiene, sanitisation, physical distancing) are clearly visible on the property page, so travelers can have peace of mind when booking their next trip. With over 14 million listings on now having implemented health and safety measures, the platform is making it easier for everyone to experience the world, in the way that fits their needs.

Additionally, has introduced its Minimal Cleanliness Score Commitment to support unique accommodation partners as they commit and work to improve and maintain their cleanliness score, as determined by verified guest reviews from travelers who have booked and stayed at the property. Based on ongoing guest feedback, only properties which live up to this cleanliness quality over time will remain available for guests to book, ensuring peace of mind for travelers looking to travel safely.

With a mission to make it easier for everyone to experience the world (where it’s safe to travel again), has property stays for all types of travelers with discounts starting at 15% on the Travel Deals page.


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