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How to Get the Most Out of Your Summer Internship


While college provides students with the academic foundation for the world ahead, summer internships give young academics a practical glimpse into their future outside the university. Depending on the company, many students get their first paychecks during internships. It’s no secret that during this summer practice, business owners pay close attention to those interns that appear as potentially good hires for the future.

Apart from the possibility to make some cash and find a future employer, summer internship programs offer a variety of other benefits. In this article, we are going to examine how students can get the most out of their internships.

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Bursting the bubble

We often idealize our future profession while we’re preparing for it. In college, one might hear stories about how beautiful and easy it is to work in a certain industry. Summer internships are a risk-free method of bursting your bubble and getting a real image of your potential future. Through practical involvement in the industry, you can see how things work behind the curtain. This doesn’t mean that you’ll end up with a negative experience, on the contrary. As an intern, you will have the insight that’s necessary to prepare you for the time when you get your first job. This way you will get into the seat free of idealistic presumptions.

Draw inspiration for college and personal writing

It’s a common practice that students get essay assignments focused on the summer internship experience. If your experience as an intern was vivid enough you could write an inspiring essay on this topic. A lot of students look for internship reflection helpful essays examples for their writing assignments. If you’re writing a personal blog, a summer internship can serve as an inspiration for a series of posts with useful tips for interns. There are tons of useful tips and suggestions that you can share with students who are looking for their first internship positions.

Expand your network

Connecting with your fellow internees and people who are full-time employees at the company can lead to long-term professional partnerships. A part of the work process is connecting with your coworkers on a professional level. This allows better workflow, even if your job is not necessarily dependent on your colleagues.

Getting acquainted with mid and top-level management allows you a better chance of landing a job once your internship is over. Additionally, a part of your obligations as a student intern could be correspondence with business partners. This can help you with job opportunities in case you decide to seek a professional career elsewhere.

Enhance your skills

There’s a reason why most employers seek candidates with some internship experience. More than 70 percent of internships end up with a full-time job. The reasons for this practice are numerous. One of the main advantages that an internship provides for future job seekers is the chance to improve and expand professional and personal skills. It would be a shame if you would finish your internship without at least acquiring one new skill.

College on its offers a wide array of experiences that we can learn from. However, an internship prepares us for the practical part of our professional career. We can learn how to overcome professional challenges, settle differences with our colleagues, and avoid conflicts in the workplace. In a real work environment, we can learn by looking at more experienced people. We can also try to apply our skills and see if it works or if we need to improve some aspects.

Ask for feedback and analyze it

The best pieces of advice for interns are included in their internship feedback. Ask for feedback from anyone you can, anyone you had contact with during your practice. This would make an amazing study material once your internship period is over. You would be able to understand the impact you made with different people, who are invested in different areas of work.

Moreover, positive feedback from top-level management would be a valuable asset when you go hunting for work once you get your degree. Most importantly, internship feedback will help you figure out which personal or professional skills you need to improve and which ones are your best weapons.


A summer internship can be a time during which you bring coffee to everyone and listen to your favorite podcast in the corner. It can also be a game-changing experience that would help you achieve your long-term professional goals. Which of these two scenarios that we presented would work out for you, depends solely on yourself. Also, it depends on your willingness to adhere to these pieces of suggestion we shared with you.

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