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How to make your RV trip as budget-friendly as possible

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There’s nothing we all look forward to more than an annual family vacation. A chance to relax, unwind and spend some quality time with family. Far away from school, work, schedules and deadlines, it’s a well-earned break that everyone can enjoy.

Unfortunately, the cost of a family vacation is anything but stress-free, with more families than ever before struggling to cover the cost of their annual getaways. Interestingly, families are discovering a more budget-friendly option that still ticks all the vacation boxes. Hitting the open road and taking an RV holiday is proving popular, but how can you ensure that it stays as cost-effective as possible?

Read on to find out how.


Just because you’re trying to save money on a family vacation, it doesn’t mean you have to overlook some important fundamentals. Having RV insurance in place ensures that you, your family, and your RV are covered should anything unexpected happen. BC rv insurance is the perfect choice for families or individuals looking for cost-effective coverage for their motorhome. From coverage of your personal effects to emergency vacation expenses, comprehensive emergency roadside assistance, flat tyre service and even fuel delivery, having the right policy in place means you can enjoy your RV vacation safe in the knowledge that you’re fully covered.

Book campsites in advance

To get the best price for hotels, we tend to book as far in advance as possible – the same logic applies to prospective campsites. By booking as soon as you can, you’ll not only get a better selection of campsites to choose from (including low budget options) but you’ll have more time to pay and even take advantage of discounts and deals. You could also consider vacationing out of peak time to save even more money. Don’t forget to check online for deals on your chosen parks before you make a booking.

Fill up on food before you leave

One of the most expensive commodities of any vacation – keeping your family full! Vacations are all about indulgence and enjoying yourself, and while you might be excited to taste some new, exciting cuisine whilst on the road if you want to keep costs low, you might want to fill up your refrigerator before you leave. By planning your meals in advance, cooking and storing them (where possible) you can save money on family meals. Bringing along selective ingredients so you can cook a variety of family favourites is practical and cost-effective. Bringing along plenty of snacks will stop you from over-indulging in local supermarkets and gas stations.

And finally: Look for discounted things to do

You won’t want to be bound to your RV for the duration of your trip and finding new and exciting places to discover and things to do is all part of the adventure. Unfortunately, these daily outings can quickly add up, especially if you have children in tow. Research your chosen destinations and find discounted things to do or even attractions that request a donation rather than an entry fee. Museums, national and local parks, zoos and even aquariums may have discounted tickets or even free entry on certain days of the week. When choosing RV parks to book, keep amenities such as pools, parks and even golf courses in mind!


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