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How to plan your move to Florida

Thousands of people move in and move out in Florida every week. However, relocating is not for everyone. Many people move to Florida, and many of them move back because they think that their relocating decision was not correct. It’s not good to rush moving to Florida. It should be your own choice. Considerable time is used to understand how relocating to Florida can affect all your aspects of life. Let’s know some significant pros and cons before moving. You’ll better understand whether it’s right for you or not.

Pros and cons of living in Florida.

No matter where you end up in your move, some pros and cons must be considered earlier. Take into account how all these factors influence your daily life. For instance, can you tolerate the heat- the weather directly affects the quality of life?

Pros of living in Florida

Let’s talk what the significant reasons to move to Florida are. Here are some essentials things that this State has going for it.

·         No state income tax

·         Housings costs are lower

·         No snow- it’s warmed all year round

·         Residents receive discounts for acclaiming local attractions

·         Enjoy world-class beaches

·         Multiple outdoor entertainments

·         Numerous communities dedicated to snowbirds

Cons of living in Florida

Now the question arises, why do many people have high aspirations for Florida? However, they end up leaving a few years later.

·         Higher insurance costs

·         Hurricanes

·         Extreme heat and humidity

·         The State is exceptionally flat

·         Lack of valleys and mountains

·         Bugs are more significant in Florida

·         Lots of alligators and snakes

·         More tourists and part-time residents

However, if you are moving to Florida, complete Movingist guidelines are necessary to make a proper plan.

Know about the top cities in Florida

Some of the best places to live in Florida are subjective and need to weigh the significant pros and cons. Your choice of city will allow you to decide whether you want to live here permanently or not. One of the best reasons to select Florida for living is that it has a lot of worthy cities and metropolitans. All of them have proximity to a beach. Get your research started towards the well-known cities of Florida. Pick some areas of interest and spend some days looking where it will be better to live.

Decide whether you will buy a home or rent it.

There are multiple reasons people move toward Florida, but the most common is its lifestyle. It’s a second snowbird home and slow-placed retirement. However, your decision to moving Florida temporary or permanently also depends on whether you want your own home to rent it out. Decide your family size and charges.

As it’s described earlier, a lot of people move to Florida but move back. One of the significant reasons is that they never integrated their life with all things that Florida offers. Florida is the home of numerous beaches and unique attractions. It also includes some hidden parks that residents enjoy all year round. You have to find such activities to make your place an ideal choice for living.

Cost of Living

A lot of people are drawn to Florida because of its low taxes. There is a great need to look at the State’s taxes/ current housing market. These are some of the significant factors to investigate before moving.

However, a significant appeal to moving is Florida’s lack of income tax. Florida is recognized as the 13th best State to live in in the United States. Moreover, a recent analysis has also reported it as second for financial stability and 9th for the economy. Still, Florida has a sales tax of 6%.

Florida Cuisine

One of the crucial things to know before moving to Florida is to check their local cuisine, especially if you have a picky pallet. There is no need to live seafood here. However, the choice is yours. Florida is located between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, which means there is prime access to seafood like lobster, sea crab, fish, clam, snapper, and clams,

The main menu of Florida varies depending on the region. The northern side of Florida offers southern cuisine, and you’ll find influences of Cajun and Creole here. However, the south side of influenced by the Caribbean and Cuban menus. Moreover, you will also find some other unique food traditions.


The above differences in cuisines have brought up an important aspect to live in Florida. The overall experience of living on the northern side is so different from a compared southern side. Climate and culture also vary among these two regions.

The northern side of Florida is less vulnerable to climate change. On the other hand, southern Florida is offering more diversity. You can experience more Latin American and Caribbean influences and active nightlife in Southern Florida.