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How to Stay Fashionable and Comfortable on a Long-Haul Flight

If you think that flying for a couple of hours is a hassle, and now you’re faced with embarking on a 20-hour flight, you’re in dire need of some assistance with all your plans. Now, you know what you need to bring to your destination, wherever it might be, and you know what kind of essentials to pack for the flight itself, right?

However, what you’re going to wear is as relevant as all the other decisions you’re making, because spending so many hours in the air calls for a stylish, but comfortable ensemble. At the same time, you need to focus on what to pack that matches your long-haul flight needs to boost that sense of comfort.

Of course, depending on your route, layovers, and expected weather on your arrival, you’ll adapt accordingly. Some essentials, on the other hand, will remain the same for any scenario, so we’ve prepared a comfort-focused approach that doesn’t sacrifice style. Here goes nothing!

Pandemic-enhanced hygiene essentials

It’s not as if you never packed wet wipes before the pandemic, but the health crisis has undoubtedly pushed our hygiene needs to the forefront, especially when it comes to flying. So, to stay safe and to protect your outfit from unwanted dirt and grime, you should bring a pack of antibacterial wet wipes you can use to clean not just your hands but also the seating area in the airplane.

After all, you might spend close to a full day there, you might as well keep it safe to prevent a COVID infection, ensuring that you’re sticking to proper hygiene rules, but also avoid getting your clothes stained. Don’t forget to pack a mask that will help your skin breathe (cotton masks are a good choice, even if they have several layers), or protective masks that are used by medical staff daily no matter the pandemic.

Light top layers

It can get pretty chilly during the night when you’re flying for hours on end, and not to mention that layovers and other flight schedule issues could make you spend more hours exposed to the elements. So, to stay safe and warm, start with a cotton t-shirt that is breathable and cozy. Add a cardigan that will keep you warm, and a waterproof jacket if you’re traveling during the colder part of the year.

Layers like these will provide you with enough flexibility to take something off when you’re warm enough, but you can also always have an extra layer to stay warm while flying. Don’t forget to wear cotton socks, as well, since they’ll help you stay warm, too.

Stay flexible with leggings

You might love classic jean cuts, but alas, these won’t help you on a long-haul flight. If anything, jeans and other less flexible bottoms will hamper your circulation, increasing your chances of swelling, especially in your legs and feet, and not to mention that you might experience unpleasant odors. That’s why form-fitting, sporty leggings are the best option for longer flights.

Leggings follow your body’s natural curves without constricting your blood flow, and they are made of sweat-wicking, breathable materials that keep you comfortable for hours on end. When they are high-waisted, they also help keep your belly and lower back warm and supported, an extra benefit when you’re sitting for a long flight.

Breathable, comfy footwear

Traveling to an exotic destination might make you want to wear your favorite open-toed sandals, in anticipation of the lovely weather and sun. Long-haul flights, unfortunately, aren’t a good match for naked toes. Always choose closed-toed shoes, preferably breathable sneakers that will match well with your leggings and layered tops.

Gadgets to keep yourself occupied

Finally, some carry-on essentials will help you spend your hours comfortably occupied, so that you have no time to stress or count the minutes. First off, if you plan to watch any shows on your tablet or phone and you wish to listen to music, make sure you have a power bank that will help you recharge any device you bring.

Noise-canceling headphones also help tune out the noise in the airplane and help you preserve your beauty sleep and minimize jetlag. Of course, bring your Kindle, too, so that you can read without straining your eyes, or disrupting your sleep with too much blue light exposure.

Staying comfortable and feeling good in what you wear and what you bring will help you survive every long-haul flight. Remember, simplicity is key when you’re choosing your garments, since loose and stretchy wearables will be infinitely more beneficial for your body, while light layers will help you adapt to any weather and temperature. Hopefully, you’ll quickly find a way to combine stylish and comfortable outfits and make every long-haul flight a breeze.