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How to Travel with a UTE and Feel Like Home at the Same Time?

Photo by Zac Edmonds

Traveling is life for some people. There’s not a weekend that they’d be in the same place. They might work hard the entire week, but when there’s time and opportunity, it’s the road that they’ll hit. Adventure in the great outdoors is their passion, and visiting new places is the perfect idea of time spent.

You surely feel the same way if you’re one of these people. Going into nature and enjoying its fantastic sights is something to live for. However, when you become a regular traveler, you begin to miss the comfort of your home and some of the things that make you happy.

Many complain that traveling in their vehicle makes them miss the morning coffee routine. They are making perfectly brewed espresso; in nature, they don’t have their coffee-making machine. Don’t worry, because you can have your coffee machine with you if you organize it well.

In this article, we’re sharing a couple of tips to help you organize yourself properly, bring everything essential with you, and enjoy the trip to the fullest. Keep reading if you want to know how to do this and learn the crucial items to have on your vehicle to make this possible.

1. Install a Wi-Fi router antenna on the roof

There’s no need to feel like you’re doing something wrong; it’s 2022, and the internet is one of the human rights. We all need it to function. Not only do we enjoy spending time on social media and posting our adventures from the spot, but it’s also the most valuable safety feature you may have on the road.

Through the internet, you’ll easily be located if you get lost or stuck in the wilderness. Even if you’re perfectly fine and you don’t need help, you still want to have an internet connection and enjoy this commodity when traveling across the continent.

Install a Wi-Fi router antenna on the top of your vehicle and contact different internet providers to find the best option for this need. All of them will have different options and packages to choose from. Opt for the one that is the best fit for you, and always have a Wi-Fi connection on your phone, tablet, and laptop, no matter where you are.

2. Mount a canopy toolbox over the rear tray

Are you missing your coffee machine? Don’t worry; look for the right canopy toolbox that will fit on your UTE, and you’re ready to pack literally anything inside. Your rear tray is enormous, and by installing this item, you’re getting a covered area where you can place anything you want.

There are different UTE camping canopies out there, so you will need to research the right one first. When you decide which one to get, take your vehicle to their shop, wait for a little for them to install the toolbox, and go home to see how much you can store in it.

You’ll be surprised by how much your UTE can accommodate after getting the canopy toolbox. There will be room for much more than just your coffee maker. You’ll be able to store just about anything inside. Some people turn their canopy toolboxes into remote bedrooms, so keep this option open if you feel like it’s a good one.

3. Always carry an oversized camping tent

If you’re not thrilled about sleeping in an aluminum box with tiny windows on the sides, you might want to get an oversized camping tent. There are different types of tents, and you should explore the options before choosing the right one.

From ordinary tents placed on the ground to car roof tents that protect you from the wildlife or natural occurrences, use the car’s battery or get yourself a power generator, and feel at home inside the tent.

With the canopy in the back and the tent installed by the vehicle or on top of it, you can literally move and live there. If you do it right, you’ll have enough to create two rooms to live comfortably inside. You’re getting the comfort of the tent and the wonders of nature at the same time.

4. Install undertray drawers

Undertray drawers are an addition to the canopy toolbox we talked about but can be essential for storing those important items like the first aid kit, the knife, the matches, and all the small tools we frequently use. You can’t place the coffee maker inside, but tiny items will perfectly fit inside.

These drawers are excellent when you need to get something quickly or can’t afford to store them inside the canopy. You want them available at all times because you use them frequently, so placing them inside these undertray drawers is your best option.