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Ibiza’s 2024 sensation TEATRO PEREYRA announces dinner shows!

An innovative and entertaining musical project inspired by the history of Ibiza by music legend Nacho Cano.

Running until 12 October 2024 at Teatro Pereyra in Ibiza town

Following the critically acclaimed premiere of the innovative musical show Ibiza Hippie Heaven at the newly inaugurated Teatro Pereyra in Ibiza, the theatre announces that the sensational live dinner show will run throughout the summer until 12th October 2024.

Created by renowned Spanish musician, composer, and producer Nacho Cano, a member of Mecano, one of Spain’s most successful pop bands (with over 25 million records sold), Ibiza Hippie Heaven is the biggest live music extravaganza ever seen in Ibiza and aims to raise the bar for entertainment on the island.

Ibiza Hippie Heaven

The musical has been specifically created for the revival of Teatro Pereyra, a social and cultural symbol of Ibiza with 125 years of history. It tells the recent story of Ibiza, starting with the iconic arrival of the hippies in the 60s, describing it as “a magical island in the Mediterranean where no one judges you and you can go naked all day; a promised land of peace, love, and freedom.”

With an excellent soundtrack performed live by The Pereyra’s Band, featuring iconic songs by The Rolling Stones, Queen, Peter Gabriel, Neil Diamond, Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, and Bruno Mars, the show immerses the audience in a thrilling journey of high artistic quality with exceptional staging and contagious energy.

Five principal actors with Broadway musical experience, five musicians, and 12 dancers make up the magnificent 22-member artistic cast of a live dinner show that is the new sensation in Ibiza this summer.

It is a show of live music and genuine entertainment in an atmosphere of elegance and glamour, elevating Ibiza’s summer nights to new experience levels. Musical performances, fun and original acts, the history of Ibiza as a backdrop with nods to musical milestones such as the invention of techno or Freddie Mercury’s performance in Ibiza in 1987, stimulating scenographic resources, and a late 19th-century French-inspired theatre as the incomparable space where the magic unfolds.

Ibiza Hippie Heaven begins at sunset and continues into the early hours. With a toast during the golden hour streamed live from Ibiza’s west coast, the curtain rises. The audience can enjoy the show from the 52 private boxes, the stalls, and the more informal upper-level area (Es Galliner). It is the perfect plan for a summer night in the island’s historic district, with a relaxed and delicious gourmet offering by chef Emiliano Cruceli to complete the experience.

The live dinner show tables, an original creation by Nagami Design, are made from recycled materials through 3D printing, inspired by the organic forms of the theatre’s ornamental elements, adding eco-innovation to the theatrical space alongside original period features like the wrought iron balustrade with gold, crystal lamps, and red velvet boxes.

Teatro Pereyra offers something for every mood. Whether enjoying live music in the Café Pereyra or a cocktail in the Sala Sandoval & Compañía, the Pereyra’s cocktail club, summer nights in the La Marina district will be captivating.

After a 17-year restoration, this beautiful classical-style theatre, which opened in early May, is reborn as a state-of-the-art venue, ready to reclaim its status as the epicenter for live music in Ibiza.

The history of Teatro Pereyra

Teatro Pereyra first opened in 1898 as Ibiza’s first theatre and cinema. Driven by the city’s enlightened elites, it symbolized the cultural flourishing of Ibiza in the late 19th century and was the island’s social and cultural epicenter until its closure in 1987. For over a century, it hosted various activities, from theatre to ballroom dances, variety shows, circus, musicals, film screenings, and grand banquets. On the 125th anniversary of its opening, Teatro Pereyra is reborn with the same spirit for which it was created: to be a meeting point for cultural exchange and the arts in Ibiza.