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Ignik Expands FireCan Line, Introduces FireCan Elite

Newest addition offers new features and widens distribution footprint into Canada

Since 2019, award-winning outdoor heating brand Ignik has consistently introduced innovative products focused on better outdoor heating solutions that are safer and produce less waste. The brand is thrilled to announce its newest addition to the FireCan line, the FireCan Elite Portable Fire Pit. Joining its two predecessors, the original FireCan and the FireCan Deluxe, the FireCan Elite is the next evolution of the FireCan, offering more power, a lighter-weight design, more control, and availability to consumers in Canada as well as the United States.

“With the ever-present threat of wildfires, we designed the FireCan Elite specifically for the Canadian market as part of our mission in promoting the use of forest-safe campfires,” says Ignik’s Marketing and Product Development Director Peter Pontano. “With Canadian wildfires having an early season impact on both Canada and the U.S., we’ve expedited the launch of this product into the U.S. market to help further inspire campers to play it safe when making a fire. The FireCan Elite has been designed to meet the highest safety, performance, and certification requirements in North America, to receive the stringent CSA Certification (ANS Z21.97-2017 | CSA 2.41-2017), making it our most advanced fire pit yet.”

FireCan Elite Portable Fire Pit’s elevated design includes advanced features that offer more heat while meeting rigorous safety standards. FireCan Elite is constructed with a new high-pressure 5 psi, quick-release propane output that’s CSA Certified and puts out an impressive 55K BTU per hour, making its flames even more powerful than the original FireCan and the FireCan Deluxe while being safety certified at the highest level. The Elite features the line’s signature ammo can design with updates like a stainless steel construction with an anodized aluminum removable lid, and a new Integrated Flame Control Knob on the fire pit for convenient flame control. Weighing in at 10.1 pounds, the FireCan Elite is Ignik’s lightest, most compact, and most durable FireCan to date.

“FireCan Elite’s increased heat output is ideal for warming more people and is perfect for camping, overlanding, and anyone looking to save weight in their gear setup, and its new safety features make it available to our friends in Canada,” says Pontano. “Our original FireCan offers a campfire anywhere for car campers, solo campers, and solo overlanders, whereas the FireCan Deluxe is a great two-in-one solution for outdoor grilling and heating. By adding another option to our FireCan line, we’re excited to offer folks more choices when deciding which FireCan is right for them!”