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Montevalle Spa & Wellness Resort in Valle de Guadalupe in Baja, Mexico

The new Montevalle Spa & Wellness Resort puts the well in wellness. The spa sanctuary, just 90 minutes south of San Diego, was created by Carlos Bautista, MD, as a tranquil space immersed in nature where guests can enjoy relaxing and receiving treatments designed to detox the body and supercharge the immune system.

For more than 25 years Dr. Bautista has used alternative medicine to treat patients with autoimmune, chronic degenerative diseases and infectious diseases. Today spa goers searching for treatments that go deeper than the standard massage and facial can find it at Montevalle Spa & Wellness Resort.

Some of the cutting-edge treatments at Montevalle include:

  • Rife Therapy: Promotes detoxification and immune stimulation and counters inflammation using electromagnetic energy waves.
  • Mag Ray-Heat lamp therapy to promote reduced inflammation.
  • Infusion Treatments: A potent blend of vitamins and minerals delivered directly to the bloodstream. These nutrients contribute to overall health and help reinvigorate the body. Can be customized to focus on detox, energy, immune boosting, skin health, weight loss, heavy metal issues, hydration and increased vitality.
  • Biomagnetic Therapy: A relaxing treatment using a magnetic mat designed to increase blood flow which promotes detoxification and increased immune response.
  • Hyperbaric Therapy: Made famous by Michael Jackson, the oxygen chamber accelerates healing, enhances recovery, promotes detoxification and can help a host of health issues.

Located in the heart of the burgeoning wine country of Valle de Guadalupe in Baja, Mexico, Montevalle has a 25-acre bucolic setting in the middle of lush lavender fields and olive trees. The all-inclusive, adults-only property boasts 14 private villas decorated with minimalistic Zen decor.

 The property’s Liebre restaurant, perched high on a hill, offers stunning views and gourmet, good-for-you cuisine. The farm-to-table meals at Montevalle are sourced from local, organic ingredients and prepared with a focus on flavor.

In addition to spa treatments, guests can also enjoy walking the labyrinth, or the reflexology pathway, working out in the gym or on the pickleball court or relaxing in the pool and jacuzzi.