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Immigration to EU: Laweius’s support

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In the current political and economical climate, people from all over the world are considering relocating to countries of the European Union. It is a large economic bloc with a population of over 500 million people. A highly developed infrastructure and a unique level of governmental support allow numerous businesses and individual working professionals to thrive and build the life of their dreams.

Online reviews show a significant improvement in the standards of living after migration. Some benefits of relocating to one of the EU members, like Slovenia, may include having access to free education, healthcare, and other social benefits; being able to live and work in any EU country; traveling freely throughout the EU without registering visas.

If you are viewing immigration to Slovenia as one of your options, make sure you consult an international attorney. For example, companies like Laweius provide full legal support in obtaining a passport of the EU.

Brief overview of Laweius

Applying for citizenship or a residence permit in another country is not something people do every day. Passing such procedures with Laweius.com takes the pressure off because you will consult with knowledgeable lawyers that have supported thousands of successful applications. Laweius reviews show that clients are generally satisfied with the level of assistance. Feedback indicates that a typical flow of collaboration with Laweius lawyers goes like this:

  • Initial free consultation with an experienced lawyer;
  • Regular feedback and support with the citizenship registration;
  • Assistance with live appointments at governmental institutions;
  • Help with a range of additional documents like driver’s license, birth certificate, etc.

Overall, reviews about Laweius demonstrate a high level of services regarding legal support in applying for EU citizenship. Clients could effectively gather all the required documents thereby proceeding with their application faster than they would have expected.

How to start working with the lawyers?

Beginning cooperation with Laweius is quite easy, as shown in respective online reviews. Just visit their website (http://laweius.com/) and fill in an online contact form on their main page. This form is also available in specific sections dedicated to citizenship in various European countries. Alternatively, you can make a call on the phone that is shown in the contacts section of the header.

How to register EU passport with Laweius?

Here is a common list of steps that Laweius clients pass in the process of registering a Slovenian citizenship:

  1. Starting with a preliminary consultation where the legal representative will learn your specific situation and give options of immigration procedures, you can use;
  2. Signing the contract with a power of attorney so that Laweius employees can legally assist you in applying for citizenship of the European Union;
  3. Collecting the documents, preparing an application profile, and receiving legal support at every step of this way;
  4. Passing the necessary procedures like taking the oath and receiving a certificate of Slovenian citizenship;
  5. Registering a passport and proceeding with the rest of the internal documents.

The steps of registering a Slovenian passport with Laweius might sound simple. Indeed, reviews show that clients find it more straightforward to file a citizenship application with Laweius lawyers’ assistance.

Why should you consider getting EU citizenship?

There are numerous benefits of obtaining a European passport with Laweius, and in every individual situation, people tend to value some of them especially highly. For example, you might be drawn to one or a few of the following opportunities:

  • Conducting a business in the European market;
  • Getting travel opportunities, such as visiting more than 181 countries without needing a visa;
  • Access to high-quality healthcare;
  • Obtaining a higher education in one of the sought-after European universities;
  • Living in all the states of the EU without registering additional documents.

Slovenian citizenship also allows voting in the elections, so if you have an active social position, this might be an advantage for you.


All in all, Laweius has proven to be reliable and supportive in regard to European immigration procedures. The company consists of a team of experienced lawyers who can provide services for the preparation of documents, detailed advice on their execution, and guarantee the confidentiality of personal data. Laweius is also competent, with an impressive number of successfully implemented projects, and offers a five-step procedure to obtain EU citizenship. Finally, the company keeps up to date with amendments in a European law and gives the answers to frequently asked questions.