Introducing the other famous “Lady Di” … from The Bahamas!

Princess Diana had a rose named for her. But Mrs. Diane Thompson, known affectionately in The Bahamas as Lady Di, has earned her fame for a Bahamian pineapple, that most perfect tropical fruit, fresh and sweet. Sure, you will find some at your local fruit stand. However, it is a totally different experience and taste sensation to eat a succulent pineapple, fresh from the field. For that, you will have to visit the beautiful island of Eleuthera in The Bahamas. Pineapples are Eleuthera’s most commonly known produce, and this exotic fruit attracts visitors from all over the world and sends them home longing for more.  

“Lady Di” is one of the finest pineapple farmers in the entire archipelago.  This energetic and cheerful lady finds it delightful to work in the pineapple fields and encourages all the young farmers in Eleuthera to preserve this fruit indigenous to the land.  

Lady Di’s connection to these fields runs deep — she has been tending to these farms for more than forty years. She is so deeply entrenched that she knows the soil and each batch of pineapples like she knows her own reflection in the mirror. On many occasions, she is called upon to give pineapple tours, and because of her love for pineapple farming, she gladly accepts. If you want one of her pineapples, you’ve got to call Lady Di up early, before the crops yield, and she’ll put your name in a book.  It is worth joining the line-up – this lady knows her fruit! 

Eleuthera is famous for having a Pineapple Fest each year, and no celebration can be complete without a memorable trip to visit Lady Di’s famous pineapple farm. With her infectiously happy personality, mischievous sense of humour and the sweetest pineapples, you will never forget Lady Di. Simply put, she and her field-grown pineapples are one of a kind. 

Check out more information on Lady Di and her pineapple fields right here


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