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Jamaica is Well-Prepared to Meet New Travel Requirements

Agile Jamaica CARES Program Allows for Changing Needs

Jamaica is well-prepared to meet the newly announced one-day testing requirement of the U.S. government and assist both international travelers returning home as well as Jamaicans visiting the U.S., effective December 6, 2021.

The destination has established ample testing locations throughout the island with both antigen and PCR tests available. In addition to multiple lab facilities and testing capability at both its Montego Bay and Kingston airports, many of the island’s resorts and hotels offer approved testing services on property, making the departure process even more seamless.

Perhaps most important for travelers, Jamaica offers pre-booking for return tests to ensure results are provided in time to meet departure needs. Jamaica already has an established partnership with three approved private laboratories to provide travelers with seamless in-hotel antigen or PCR tests. Tests can be easily scheduled in advance – even prior to a traveler’s arrival on island – through each lab’s dedicated online booking platform:

Both international airports in Jamaica are equipped with pre-flight testing capability prior to check-in. For travelers opting for in-airport testing, they can book their appointment online and arrive at the airport a minimum of 3 hours in advance of their flight to obtain their required departure result. 

Visitors staying at licensed hotels, resorts, villas, guest houses or residences can schedule their test to be performed on property via a convenient concierge service, or book an in-person appointment at the closest laboratory location. All certified lab locations can be found on VisitJamaica.com